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It has been quite the journey crafting my treasured hair care formula, but it is well worth the wait. I am excited for you to experience and share my passion for beautiful hair. Follow us here for the latest news, updates and special promotions on Iles Formula. I look forward to taking you behind-the-scenes of celebrity hairstyling, as well as sharing my inspirations, tips, tricks and how-to guides.

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Holiday Hairstyles Made Simple

The holidays have officially arrived, and where did the time go?  You either have friends and family coming to your home, or you are headed to theirs.  How do you prefer to look for the holiday?  Casual and comfortable, or a bit more on the…

Iles Formula Launches In Sydney & Melbourne

Iles Formula Launches In Sydney And Melbourne

Iles Formula launches in Sydney and Melbourne  I’ve done several Iles Formula press launches around the globe, but this press launch was special and an extremely emotional one for me as I was bringing Iles Formula home to Australia. Monday…


Iles Formula Women : Rosanne Karmes

Iles Formula Women : Let’s introduce you this week to Rosanne Karmes, Founder and Designer of SYDNEY EVAN, a fine jewelry line sold at some of the best stores in the world : Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Bergdorf Goodman, and…

natural curls

Curls Are Back

Curls Are Back, and in a BIG way.  After many years of smoother or more perfected hairstyles, it’s refreshing to see natural curls making their way into the limelight.  Many of you have naturally curly hair, but how many of you actually…