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Women In Motion



ILES FORMULA is a big supporter of all projects involved in empowering and helping women around the world. With the objective of taking matters into our hands using Iles Formula as a platform we have recently associated with Women in Motion Organization and UNICEF Next Generation.
“Women in Motion” is a new organization that aims to organize thematic events (around 4 per year) gathering women from various backgrounds and various generations – generation E “Expert” and D “Digital”. The event is split in 2 parts: talks from renowned women that are willing to share their experience and a given theme. For their first event it will be Women in the Art World.
In association with UNICEF Next Generation, the round table animated by Sylvie Bommel around the theme of Women in the Art World will be followed by a charity auction. All the profits from the auction will go to UNICEF Next Generation project helping the children of Syria, victims of a conflict they are too young to understand. The project aims in helping these children to have access to clean water, education, vaccines and basic support in the path for a better future.
The charity auction’s theme Lumière could not be more precise. Under the command of Cyrille Cohen, Vice President of Sotheby’s France more than 25 artists like Max Ernst, VLADIMIR YANKILEVSKI, A. MONTAGNA GRILLO & A. TONELLO, WANG KEPING, will be presented for sale.
We are extremely grateful to be sponsoring this incredible initiative. Rendez-vous at Musee Maillol, Paris, Thursday, 3rd December.

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