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3 Simple Steps to Iles Formula Signature Blow Out


Iles Formula customer @alanasnyder

Have you ever wondered how the Pro’s get so much more volume, and much better luster in the hair when they do a brushing than your attempt delivers?  Our founder celebrity stylist Wendy Iles has offered here her unique technique to a red-carpet-ready blowout!



Image from the work archives of Wendy Iles



My name is Wendy and this is my signature blowout technique.

I believe one of the best tips I can deliver you, is to not use conventional styling products like mousse or lacquer simply because they deliver a plastic coating to the hair that freezes the hair’s memory. Have you ever noticed your hair the next day when you have brushed out the lacquer and done a touch-up with a hot tool, the hair never obeys you like it did the first time before you applied the lacquer?  That’s because the memory has been frozen.

I learned years ago working on celebrity heads that I had to have their hair obeying me sometimes up to 14 hours in a day from being on a photo shoot to a cocktail party touch-up and then another hair change or refresh for a dinner event.  How did I survive all this hair work in one day you may ask ……simply throwing away all conventional styling products and just using 1 nurture styling product.  Read on to know-how!

For you, at home, there are 3 simple steps and it starts with a sulfate-free, silicone-free, and paraben-free shampoo.   Why? Simply because Iles Formula shampoo is perfectly PH balanced to prevent any static and it also delivers gorgeous root volume and shine, but it must be used correctly.

Step 1/

The key to using Iles Formula Shampoo is to add more water as you are massaging, this wakes up the root extract that replaces the sulfates and is what creates the lather. If you are using it correctly, you will have an abundance of mousse, and guaranteed gorgeous root lift and shine. Be sure to rinse well.

Step 2/

Apply the Iles Formula Conditioner, please comb or wet brush it through. This conditioner no matter how distressed or tortured hair is, will transform the hair to sumptuous silk …instantly …you feel it happening as you are applying and combing it through.  This product is the DNA of my brand and it was the reason the brand was born as I needed an instant repair for my celebrity heads without ever weighing the hair down. It took me 3 years to perfect it and it opened up Hollywood for me through its power to transform and repair instantly tortured celebrity hair. It was my bespoke private formula for 6 years before it became a brand and key to a successful blowout.

Step 3/

The Finishing Serum … now this creates the magic. I never touch a head of hair without this serum. If you add heat to activate it ( blowdryer ) it has the power to transform hair that feels like straw to sumptuous silk! Many times it has been my rescue aid, as I don’t always have access to running water to do a shampoo and condition onset, this formula has saved me a thousand times. Women in my chair always rave about the texture I’ve delivered, after all, is there anyone that doesn’t love the feel of soft sumptuous luscious hair?

Method to apply Finishing Serum 3

I always apply a small pea size to every single section as I blow dry, especially in the case of thin, fine hair, as when heat activated it melts the silk around the hair shaft making the hair feel organically thicker, it has the opposite effect on coarse hair calming thick bushy hair right down into a manageable state. The key is not to apply to the roots but apply to mid-length and ends. Start underneath the hair and work your sections up toward the top. Better to apply to each section as you move up, if you apply it all over then blow-dry, the top sections will be dry before you get to them and the result will good but won’t be as spectacular.

This Finishing serum has heat protection + humidity protection and delivers an organic soft memory to hair that will just obey your every command. If you add a wrong movement with the curling wand you can simply change the direction and the hair will just adapt with no resistance.


READ ON for more intense steps to achieve Izabel Goulart’s Sumptuous blow dry.




Image from the work archives of Wendy Iles



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