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3 Ways to Maintain the Curl and Minus the Frizz

3 Ways to Maintain the Curl and Minus the Frizz | 2F

Photo Felix Lammer, extract from “Archives, a Book About Hair ” by our founder Wendy Iles

Frizzy hair is an ongoing battle for many. But what’s even trickier is knowing how to maintain your curls well. With summer incoming, the added heat and humidity don’t help either!

In essence, frizzy hair occurs from hair that is damaged, dry, or chemically treated, and hence the outer layer of the strand frays, in an attempt to absorb more moisture. Technicality aside, most people rely on expensive salon treatments as a solution. However, there are ways you can untangle the issue without depending on those treatments solely, or at least the essential tips below should help you keep control! Read on to find out 3 Ways to Maintain the Curl and Minus the Frizz.

1. Unconditional Conditioner

Whilst we don’t have strict frequencies for shampooing during a week, those with curly hair should avoid doing so daily. Why? Washing regularly dries out the curl and more so if the product or brand you are using has harsh ingredients such as sulfates and parabens. These ingredients are responsible for stripping out natural oils and without them, your hair loses its soft and smooth texture. We recommend sulfate-free + silicon-free + paraben-free shampoo.

While it may not equate to being a part of your daily regime, using the right conditioner once or twice a week can help make sure your curls and overall hair health remains intact, even during hotter and humid periods of the year. After all, deep conditioning does that; it allows your hair to absorb the moisture that is much needed for any dried and damaged strands.

When using a conditioning product, it is vital that you apply the product in the right way. For example, The Iles Formula Curl Revive Pack provides you with a conditioning distribution comb. One crucial thing to avoid is applying conditioner to the roots directly. It will not be the end of the world; however, to create that voluminous and bouncy look, by applying conditioner to mid-length and ends and then combing through, it will ensure just the good quantity of conditioner required for roots  Rinse, and then gently squeeze out excess water without disturbing the curl formation.  Place on the microfibre turban towel designed especially for textured hair. It’s fast absorbent and through the twist, turn, button, and loop system, it encourages, even more, your curl movement.


Iles Formula Curl Revive Pack


2. Curl Revive Serum

This vegan leather pack features the Curl Revive Serum.

Remove the turban towel and gently shake your hair into place. Avoid combing, use your fingers to place the hair where you wish. Spray the curl revive serum throughout the hair’s layers and try not to disturb too much while drying.

This serum is protection against + heated tools + UV color fade + humidity and will most likely become your very best friend. Use daily on damp curls to keep frizz at bay.


3. Diffuser the Situation

Needless to say, the styling and drying process is just as important as the washing of your hair. We have worked with and had the chance to review all types of hair, and we’ve learned that differences in curl textures call for different drying methods. Our advice would be to stick to a diffuser for long and looser curls, whereas, with tighter and kinkier curls, a hood dryer is a way to go. Air-drying is also another option to consider – it’s easy, it’s free, and the added advantage: it gets you out the door a lot quicker!

Final Words of Advice

With these three insider tips, we hope you can beat the heat this summer and keep those curls beautifully healthy and luscious!

We strongly suggest investing in natural and organics products to include in your hair routine. They have not only proven to reduce scalp irritation but overall hair and health recovery. Make sure you read the label and always keep an eye out for products packed with lots of vitamins and raw virgin ingredients.

If you’re looking for more natural and eco-friendly formulas to boost your hair, read our recent blog: Easy Ways to Create An Eco – Friendly Haircare Routine.


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