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5 Ways to Keep Your Hair Extensions Intact


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Hair extensions are beautiful, but they can be rather costly. No matter how different hair extensions are, these expert tips will help you get the most out of them. Hair extensions are a great alternative, whether you want to add length, volume, or change up your hairstyle for a new season. They provide versatility, however, if they are not properly cared for, they can result in matted dull hair, or even cause irreversible damage to your own hair. The best extensions for you can be decided by the aesthetic you want to achieve, as well as your own hair texture.

No matter what extensions you choose to wear, they all require some maintenance. Below are 5 Ways to Keep Your Hair Extensions Intact.

1. Replace Hair Extensions Regularly


Image Sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest Board

Even with best hair care practices, you won’t be able to keep wearing the same extensions or weave hair indefinitely. With the right hair routine and regular visits to your hairstylist, a sew-in can last up to two to three months. You will know it’s time for your hair to come out when your install is entirely visible because your hair has grown out significantly.

It’s also time to change them if it’s been a few months and your style is starting to appear radically different from what you started with. To avoid matting and tangling, replace hair extensions every six to eight weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows. This applies to extensions of all lengths and textures.

When you leave micro links in for too long, the beads bend out of shape and are difficult to remove. They become deformed and have the potential to tear your hair out. Try clip-ins if you’re not sure you can commit to so much upkeep.

Quick tip – It’s important to remember to shampoo and condition your clip-ins too.  Consider products like the Iles Formula Conditioner or the Hair Mask, that have raw, natural, and moisturizing ingredients like nut oils from Australia, Vitamin E, and B5 as well as Tucuma Butter.


The Iles Formula Conditioner


The Iles Formula Hair Mask 


2. Make Sure Your Extensions Are Installed Correctly by a Professional.


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How your extensions are installed, determines how long they remain. Always have your extensions applied by a professional who has been trained in this type of styling. Poor installation will cause damage to your natural hair, forcing you to remove the style sooner than desired.

Check out a  verified Iles Formula salon near you

Shampooing and conditioning the extensions regularly is key, however, when wearing micro links or keratin bonds, it is very crucial not to over-shampoo or condition because you do not want the beads or bonds to loosen. When cleansing your hair for these styles, be very gentle with your roots; if you are too rough, the extensions will not stay as long.

Hair extensions necessitate specific care because there is no oil distribution through the hair strands, causing the hair to dry out.

As most extensions are hand-sewn close to the scalp, dead skin cells may build up on the scalp. Choose sulfate-free + silicon-free + paraben-free shampoo if possible with a PH of 5.5 to 6.5  providing the perfect cleanse for not just the hair but the scalp too.  The Iles Formula Shampoo – is all the above, immediately detangling and protecting hair while providing manageability and a lusciously silky texture.

Add more water not more product when using this shampoo to waken up the mousse, then be sure to bring that nurture mousse all the way to the ends. Rinse well as one needs to do with all sulfate-free shampoos.


The Iles Formula Shampoo


 3. Sleep on Satin or Silk


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To keep your hair extensions from tangling while you sleep, satin pillowcases will help. Brush your hair every day after you remove your extensions. If you don’t want to invest in expensive silk bedding, take a look at the Iles Formula Twilly Hair Ties that come in three different colors. They are made of 100% silk, and they can keep your hair wrapped nicely and secured while in bed. You can substitute them as a hair/wrist band during the day!


5-ways-to-keep-your-hair-extensions-intactThe Iles Formula Twilly Hair Ties


4. Use A Limited Number of Products


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Less is more, and if you’re a product hoarder, this one’s for you. If your hair extensions are straight or textured and non-synthetic, it’s recommended not to apply too many products throughout the hair because it may impact the longevity of your extensions. Iles Formula as a company work with many of the top extensions houses across America. The  Signature award-winning 3 step system is their “go-to haircare” both in the salons and as take-home care to look after your investment. Keep to these simple steps of Iles shampoo + conditioner + protection serum and healthy extensions are guaranteed.

5.  Keep Your Extensions Protected From UV Assault.


Image Sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest Board

Protecting your hair from UV assault is essential for extensions.  remember the extension hair comes from countries like Asia where the base color starts off as black and is then colored up lighter with chemical solutions in tones for other markets.

For curly hair girls, we recommend the Iles Formula Curl Revive. We recognize that curls are harder to manage and this serum delivers a  cashmere texture ideal as it’s a bit weightier to counteract frizz.

For all other hair types, we recommend Finishing Serum. It can be applied to both wet and dry hair.

Both serums contain protection against heated tools + humidity + UV+ anti-color fade.  Apply to wet and dry hair every day.

5 Ways to Keep Your Hair Extensions Intact | IMG 57EC7BE0F811 1 e1628876524273

Follow these practical and simple techniques to protect your weave and hair extensions. You can achieve breathtaking hairstyles with hair extensions provided they are properly cared for. For more product suggestions, reviews, expert opinions, and even hairstyle ideas visit the Iles Formula Journal and Website.


Article by guest writer: Anna Senny

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