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6 Tips To Keep Your Mind & Hair Healthy To Avoid Excessive Hair Fall

6 Tips To Keep Your Mind & Hair Healthy To Avoid Excessive Hair Fall | 5 tips to prevent hair fall e1610886828849

Hair fall and baldness can be inter-related with each other to a great extent. A person with disturbed mental health will undoubtedly have hair loss issues not precisely from the head but any part of the body. In most cases, hair stops growing and lies dormant, causing them to shed. People who have a mental illness will notice that their hair becomes dry, brittle, and breaks easily. Also, the patients with attention deficit disorder (ADD) lack concentration and stress out their minds for focusing on something. The stress on the reason is one of the causes of hair fall.

The psychological states of depression, such as low mood, discouragement, low self-esteem, and feeling drained, can reduce hair growth, leading to hair loss. Studies have shown that stress and anxiety-induced stress can contribute to specific hair loss conditions. Alopecia Areata, large clumps of hair may suddenly fall out for no apparent reason, causing patches of hair loss.

Mental health has a significant effect on your hair as well as on the skin. No matter how many dermalogica skin kits or hair fall solutions you use, if you are not mentally healthy you will not be physically healthy.

Hair loss caused by stress is not permanent, but instead, it is usually only temporary. If you have lost hair due to stress or anxiety, there are chances it will start to grow back once your stress levels are back to normal. It would help if you tried to reduce your stress levels and improve your general health and wellbeing.

There is another possibility where you take stress for hair loss. In that case, you need to remind yourself that it is just temporary and there are many ways to cope with it. You can improve your diet to improve your hair condition. And for your satisfaction, there are so many treatments, shampoos, and conditioners you can use for your hair that will prevent breakage.

So having so many options to improve your hair fall due to disturbed mental health, it is best to take precautions in the first place, that is, to keep your mind healthy.  Read on for great tips to keep your mind healthy: Top 6 Tips To Keep Your Mind Healthy To Avoid Excessive Hair Fall!

1. Use Nurturing Haircare

Regardless of whether you have straight, curly, long, or short hair, ensuring your hair is nurtured and receiving the nourishment it needs is critical to prevent excessive hair loss. On average, we shed around 80 strands of hair per day which takes away the natural oils and proteins needed to keep our hair and scalp healthy. To restore this, using a shampoo with ideal pH levels is essential to prevent further damage which could ultimately lead to more hair loss.

Our Iles Formula Shampoo is sulfate-free + silicone-free and paraben-free. It is also perfectly pH-balanced which is excellent for scalp health, hair repair, and continued hair nurture for everyone.  Where the shampoo cleanses the  Iles Conditioner will prevent your strands from breaking through dryness and damage.  Both are award-winning phenomenal formulas.

For extra strength and nourishment, the Iles Formula Hair Mask is magical in restoring hair to spun-silk, lustrous texture from the very first use. This hair mask is specially formulated with selected raw ingredients that offer high performing restoration and rejuvenation to hair and scalp. Tucuma butter and pracaxia extracts are sourced from the Amazon, silk from Japan, nut oils from Australia as well as vitamin E, panthenol, and B5.

The award-winning Iles Formula Shampoo, conditioner, and Iles Formula Hair Mask are available together in the Iles Formula Spa Pack!

6 Tips To Keep Your Mind & Hair Healthy To Avoid Excessive Hair Fall | SPA Pack


2. Exercise

Exercise is essential for your brain and body. Get plenty of mental exercise like using the knowledge you have into action. Try problem-solving and thinking activities. You can read and write to keep your mind busy and healthy. Movies, games, news, anything that keeps your mind active is good for its heath. Also, physical exercises are essential for your mental health. Exercise increases your blood flow and oxygenates the brain, so the more you exercise, the healthy you are both mentally and physically.

6 Tips To Keep Your Mind & Hair Healthy To Avoid Excessive Hair Fall | Screen Shot 2021 01 17 at 1.46.15 PM

3. Eat Healthily

Eating healthy is very important for your mind. Whatever you eat directly impacts your brain. Nutrients rich foods are suitable for a practical reason. You should eat foods with antioxidant properties. It helps you keep focused. Food items that contain supplements, omega 3, vitamins, etc., are best for health. Supplements do not just have to be in pill form, but fish, avocado, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and olive oils are all rich sources and work to keep the mind healthy. Water is also very beneficial. It keeps your body hydrated, and your brain detoxified. So drink a lot of water.

6 Tips To Keep Your Mind & Hair Healthy To Avoid Excessive Hair Fall | Screen Shot 2021 01 17 at 1.55.02 PM

4. Be Social

A social network reduces isolation and stress and stimulates the brain through shared learning experiences and emotional connections. It’s extremely difficult through Covid home stay restrictions but even a phone call connects you in the right way to another. As we know, man is a social animal; we all need to have social interactions to stay mentally stable. We need to be socially active no matter how careful we are in other strategies to keep the brain healthy; this needs to be functional too. If we are isolated but keeping up with all other activities, it will be of no use. Our brain is made to function with social interactions. So being social, getting out when possible, interacting with people of different backgrounds is essential for your mental health.


6 Tips To Keep Your Mind & Hair Healthy To Avoid Excessive Hair Fall | Screen Shot 2021 01 17 at 1.59.04 PM e1610888404940

5. Sleep

Poor or inadequate sleep is associated with worsening health and vascular risk factors. A brain needs proper rest hours to help clean up neurons and synapses and make memories. Not getting enough sleep can significantly impact your brain health and your physical health. Sleeping at the proper time and following the routine is essential, along with adequate sleep time. Taking a little rest during the day apart from sleeping at night is also necessary for the brain.
6 Tips To Keep Your Mind & Hair Healthy To Avoid Excessive Hair Fall | Screen Shot 2021 01 17 at 1.48.45 PM

6. Medication

Stress and depression are harmful to your brain. If you already have it or see any symptoms of it, you should consult a doctor. You should work on it and take medication if doctor suggests at an early stage before it goes out of hand.

Therefore, a healthy brain is such a significant part of the body as it is linked to everything – your hair, and other features. That is why it should be taken care of in the best possible way.


Article by guest writer: Umer Ishfaq

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