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A Day in Bristol with Martin Parr

© 1997 Martin Parr

For me the secret of traveling is not where I’m going but who I’m meeting and what I’m doing there. So even if Bristol wouldn’t be the city I’d choose to go to for a great time, it’s where I just spent a great Monday.  Imagine, who’s a better guide than Martin Parr himself to introduce me to that little corner of England. I’ve already mentioned to you on my blog how much I like his work. I have visited his exhibitions, collected his books and here I find myself working on a photo shoot with him.You must understand that it’s rare that an “ART photographer” like Martin Parr would engage a beauty team for his subject , so i was very pleased to have this opportunity to work alongside of him.

It was a memorable day, such simplicity, no fuss, just creativity the Martin Parr way. We worked with Bianca Balti (the Dolce Gabbana girl). She’s such an italian beauty that the challenge for me was to have her as real and ordinary looking  as possible, just the way Martin likes everything he photographs.

The work will be published in Grey Magazine. Couldn’t get a better medium to expose our shooting as it’s a large format, hard cover coffee table book style. Wonderful for my book collection.

There is so much in Martin’s work that intrigues me. The truthful world he shows and it’s esthetic are like the opposite of what my work is usualy about. Even so instead of rejecting it, I’m deeply attracted by it. For a glimpse at his work  click here.

A Day in Bristol with Martin Parr | noname 22


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