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Accentuate Your Hair Color Based on Your Skin and Eye Color

There are many hair color options available on the market. They come in a range of shades, from traditional to unusual. Facing a great variety of choices, it can be difficult to choose the right color for you. We are all born with a natural hair color that matches our skin tone. This can change over time. What hair color is the best for you?

Accentuate Your Hair Color Based on Your Skin and Eye Color | IMG 477B2F72AC3F 1 e1645886163336Hair by Iles Formula Ambassador Salon Zeitraum Berlin, colorist Marius

When choosing a hair color, there are many things to consider. Our skin tones and our specific eye colors are good places to start considering. Your natural color is an important indicator of the best shades that suit you.

In general, we advise against going much darker than your skin tone, especially darker than your eyebrows. Your hair color and your eyebrow color need to be in harmony.

Warm, cool, and neutral skin tones

Before you decide on hair color, it is important to know your skin’s undertones. These three types of skin tones are the most common: cool, warm, and neutral. Usually, warm skin tones incorporate an olive or a bronze undertone, and cool skin tones contain a pink or a blue undertone.

Here is a simple trick for you to identify your skin tone:

Pick one yellow and one pink garment. Place the two garments under your chin one by one. Your imperfections will appear more obvious if you choose the unmatching garment, and your features will be enhanced when you match yourself with the right garment.

Then grab a white garment and put it on. Does your skin appear different? Does it appear pinker or more golden? If your skin does not come off as too different, then you may have a neutral skin tone.

You are going to look outstanding if you pick a hair color that matches your skin tone, since the colors on you will appear consistent and harmonious. Oftentimes warmer hair colors will match warmer skin stones and cooler hair colors will bring out the beauty in cooler skin tones.

Accentuate Your Hair Color Based on Your Skin and Eye Color | IMG 7B8DAC3732BA 1 e1645884310842Hair by Iles Formula Ambassador The Haze Salon by Haley Kane

Cool hair colors mainly consist of violet, blue, and green whereas, warm hair colors usually include red, gold, and copper.

On the one hand, if you possess a warmer skin tone, you might want to opt for hair colors such as dark chocolate, caramel blonde, golden brown, or copper hair. Golden hair on a warm skin tone brings out one’s glow from within and brings up one’s spirit entirely.

Accentuate Your Hair Color Based on Your Skin and Eye Color | IMG 0C0DEB06266D 1 e1645885535927Color by Iles Formula Ambassador salon  Realm Hair Collective

Celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Beyoncé are walking showcases of how warm hair can add to one’s signature looks.

On the other hand, people with a cooler skin tone might want to embrace hair colors including ashy blonde, platinum blonde, violet, green highlights, dark denim, turquoise ombre, ashy gray, and sheer black.

Accentuate Your Hair Color Based on Your Skin and Eye Color | IMG 4191 e1645885869179Hair by Iles Formula Ambassador salon Oya Salon,  stylist  Shelbylyn

Celebrities such as Anne Hathaway and Katy Perry wear hair colors that highlight that icy queen look.

Stars such as Jennifer Anniston and Selena Gomes possess a neutral skin tone and can pull off both warm and cool hair colors.

Accentuate Your Hair Color Based on Your Skin and Eye Color | shutterstock 1664404606 e1645884704633

Eye colors

Melanin, a pigment found in the body, creates eye colors. This specific chemical compound adds color to our eyes, hair, and skin. The darker a person’s skin, hair, and eyes are, the more melanin their bodies produce. Genetics plays a major role in the formation of melanin. In most cases, pigmentation prevails, and dark colors will cover up lighter shades.

There are four major eye colors in total: blue, gray, brown, and green. There are many color variations of these basic eye colors. Brown is the most popular eye color worldwide due to the dominant inheritance of pigmentation. Around 90% of the world’s population possess dark brown eyes.

The principles remain the same: matching warm eye colors with warmer hair colors and the same goes for cooler hair colors.

Warm eye colors include dark brown, golden brown, and golden hazel, whereas cooler eye colors encompass green, blue, and grey.

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Accentuate Your Hair Color Based on Your Skin and Eye Color | Signature collection Box 400x400 Subscribe 1

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Accentuate Your Hair Color Based on Your Skin and Eye Color | Signature collection Box 1 1 e1645833764194

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Let us know what skin and eye colors you have and what hair color you have picked to match your complexion. Do not forget to tag us with @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula on your social media to share your hair inspirations!

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