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“Alive in the Face of Death” by #Rankin

"Alive in the Face of Death" by #Rankin | Screen Shot 2014 08 05 at 09.04.29 e1407222378258

Rankin’s new book “Alive in the Face of Death” is strong, emotional, provoking, powerful and inspiring.

Most of the book is comprised of people suffering from terminal illness. Their generosity is touching allowing Rankin to capture them in a real and personal way. A rare and haunting subject to document.

Beautiful and positive comments written on “Post it”-makeup an inside wallpaper on the front and back cover of the book – with words: “It makes you think of the ones you love”, “You are alive, so live”, “I found the book much more uplifting than I expected, I was surprised at that” “Life defies entry” and many more …

Here is a link to watch the “Behind the Scenes” of the making of this very moving book AliveXRankin.


"Alive in the Face of Death" by #Rankin | photo 4 e1407082514894

"Alive in the Face of Death" by #Rankin | photo 5 e1407082688892

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