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All You Need to Know About the Perfume in Our Iles Formulas

If you’ve ever used Iles Formula, you are sure to remember – and love – the perfumed scent when using our products. You’re not the only one! Every day, we receive messages from people commenting on how much they love their hair after using our formulas. And they almost always comment on the perfume.

This is an incredible testament to the love, energy, and hard work our founder, Wendy Iles, spent over 3 years looking for just the right perfume for her bespoke formulas. It had to be right, so she worked with several perfume houses in the USA, Asia, and France before finally settling for the first perfume she tested in her own Paris backyard. She took 3 years trying to find an essence more unisex but kept coming back to the first one. Ironically, even now, men love and comment on the aroma of our formulas as much as women do, so we guess, after all, her choice was the perfect one. This week, we share All You Need to Know About the Perfume in Our Iles Formulas for you to learn how it became our signature scent!

The Essence

At conception, the perfume was meant to convey and embrace the essence of Iles Formula. Now, it does just that. But back then, it all started with a mood board (see image below). Wendy thought “how else can one convey a perfume better than in images?”. After all, an image is worth a thousand words (especially when it’s a collage image).


What does this image tell you about the perfume of Iles Formula products? The smell of beautiful white flowers, the softness of cashmere, the thought of morning dew, and your mom’s fresh linen after a day out in the sun. That is the perfect combination. It’s what we want to be smelling every day. And it’s the essence of the Iles Formula Perfume.

The perfume is derived from white flowers, and mostly white tea flowers, which are less sweet than most. They smell beautiful and elegant. They just look gorgeous.


Post by Iles Formula user @kasiachin carrying a bouquet from her Florist shop @gloria_studios

The Result

The perfume in Iles Formulas was inspired by the “French’s” way: as long as it is warm, such as after using warm water or heated hair tools, the perfume will engulf you.

The perfume is subtle but beautiful. It is even appropriate for people with sensitivity to smells because it doesn’t overwhelm the senses. It’s a pure no allergen perfume formulated to embrace you while the hair is warm and then linger away when the hair cools down. This is to prevent interference with your perfume choice. Add sunshine or heated tools and our aroma of white tea flower appears again, just to remind you we are there, watching over your locks.

If you haven’t tried our products yet, start with the Signature Collection. It is the DNA of our brand and all formulas are award-winning, delivering an unforgettable moment for you and your hair.


We hope you love this perfume in our formulas as much as we do. Let us know what you think by tagging us in your posts or leaving us a comment @ilesformula_hair and #IlesFormula.

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