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Iles Formula Hair Tips & Tricks: How to Care for Balayage Hair at home

Balayage is a great way to achieve a natural, sun-kissed look that will grow out seamlessly and last over the summer months. We feature here in our Journal “How To Care For Balayage” the selected work from salon operators that use Iles Formula Haircare to nurture their colorwork.

Let us guide you into how to care for your balayage while in home confinement.


Tips for Care Balavage Hair at Home - Balayage - Medium length- Neutral blonde - balayage - highlights

Instagram: @kk_edwardsandco Sydney Australia

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a highlighting technique that originated from French colorists in the 1970s which literally means “sweeping” in French.

This freehand technique creates a gradual transition between your natural roots and your chosen highlight color. This can achieve depth and dimension mimicking natural highlights from the sun and make your hair look fuller.

While balayage highlights are relatively low maintenance and great for people who are new to coloring their hair, here are some useful tips on how to care for balayage hair to make it go the extra mile.

Tips for Care Balavage Hair at Home - Balayage - Medium length - Light Brown - Caramel - balayage - highlights

Instagram: @hmbhnl,  Honolulu, Hawaii.

How to care for balayage hair?

One of the greatest advantages of balayage treatment is that it doesn’t require frequent touch up like traditional colorwork and highlighting do, perfect for our present day situation.

The gradual color transition allows for a longer period for the hair to grow out without harsh regrowth lines.

Nonetheless, it is recommended to visit the salon every 4 months to retouch the colors that may have faded and to add new subtle highlights at varying distances from the root, so the transition looks even more naturally grown out.

Tips for Care Balavage Hair at Home - Balayage - Long hair - Light Ash Brown - Rose Gold - balayage - highlights

Instagram: @sophie.crown Crown Darlinghurst, Sydney Australia

Tips for Care Balavage Hair at Home - Balayage - Long hair - Neutral Blonde - balayage - highlights

Instagram: @steph_edwardsandco Melbourne, Australia

How to care for balayage hair at home?

Maintenance is extremely important for hair color. Since balayage is a lightening process and your hair color will go through different stages of warmth, you need to eliminate brassy tones by maintaining your hair with high-quality hair care products for color-treated hair in between your salon visits.

1. Use Sulfate-free Daily Haircare Product

The essentials for colored hair are sulfate-free products like our Haute Performance shampoo as sulfate can not only strip away the color pigments, but also the natural oils in our hair and scalp causing it to be dry and damaged.

2. Apply UV protection to prevent from hair color-faded before you go out

The Iles Formula conditioner was born to follow all chemical procedures as it shuts down tight the hair cuticle delivering repaired and lustrous hair from the very first use and the Finishing Serum protects the color from UV damage, color fade, and heated tools.

Apply the finishing protection to wet hair before blow-drying or daily to your dry hair, and it will never weigh your hair down.

3 step Iles Formula hair care to protect from hair color fading

Iles Formula 3-step hair care

Balayage is a good way to try out coloring your hair without a drastic change to your hair. But you will still need to look after the health of your hair to prevent breakage from the lightening process.

3. Regular Hair Nourishment

Also, so that your colorwork will have a beautiful canvas to be shown on, you can strengthen your hair with an occasional hair mask treatment at home like our Haute Performance hair mask that will provide the nourishment of natural oils and vitamins.


Tips for Care Balavage Hair at Home - Balayage - Medium Length -Bleach - Ash Blonde - balayage - highlights

Instagram: @jordanheidenwith_hair Dennis Bartolomei Salon, Chicago.


These are the easy steps for all of us to take care of our hair on a daily basis at home. With proper care, your beautiful balayage can last longer before you visit a salon to retouch again.
If you have a beautiful balayage, share your balayage looks with us by tagging us on Instagram @ilesformula_hair

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