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Wendy Iles’ Hair Tips – How To Get Beach Waves


SEXY BEACH WAVES HAIRSTYLE …. With summer approaching the idea of sexy beach waves hairstyle is appealing. Here is how you can get this look.

Beach Waves Hairstyle

If your hair is straight, you need to add the curl using few different sizes of  barrel hot tongs. Once tonged, you need to break down the curl by blasting it haphazardly with wind from your blow dryer, while holding ends of the hair straight to give the effect of a more natural wave.  Remember that a natural wave often has more loose ends.

If your hair is curly and it’s already perfect, you can just add product texture, if it is not then you need to straighten sections of the curl down to create an uneven effect. To do this, use a 1 inch straightening iron. My preferred in the USA is HarryJosh and in Europe GHD. My favorite texture spray is sea salt Bumble and Bumble surf spray, which can be applied on both wet and dry hair. It makes it naturally dry and gain that texture you get when you spend a day by the sea. Applying this spray on a dry hair is good as the dampness will break down the home-made curl to a more natural looking one. Be sure not to wet too much or the work you previously did will disappear. Another option is to prepare your own spray … If you are by the sea, put some sea water into a spray bottle and store it for a bit in your fridge then start applying on your hair. Let me know how it works for you.


beach waves hairstyle

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