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Behind the Scenes with Lea Seydoux

Behind the Scenes with Lea Seydoux | Screen Shot 2014 05 07 at 13.48.29 e1399463349482

Working with French actress Lea Seydoux was so much FUN ! I know Lily Chou the makeup artist as we often work together, but the rest of the team was new for me: NY photographer Nagi Sakai and stylist Aeriyon. We shot “Dazed and Confused” at Studio Rouchon in Paris,  so this was comfortable not having to take a plane or train to work !

Lea has very thick hair, strong and quite wavy; although the hair looks very natural, I worked on it quite a bit to get it looking like this, I went through the hair taking haphazard sections and worked them into a more relaxed wave with the hair straightener.  I needed to keep the volume at the roots but soften off the ends. This was a natural look requested by Nagi who knew precisely what he wanted. I like when the photographer knows the style he wants for makeup and hair. It’s always comfortable to have a brief, as that way every one stays on the same page.

I love the story out this week and think Lea looks really beautiful. I particularly liked the clever styling of Aeriyon and the beautiful lighting, fresh makeup, done/undone hair. All the ingredients came together perfectly. I would like to use this opportunity to thank this amazing team!


Behind the Scenes with Lea Seydoux | DazedConfusedKoreaCover73 2 e1399464558770

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