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Best Care Tips For Newly Bleached Hair

Bleaching is a chemical process of lightening hair color by up to eight levels through the removal of melanin within the hair shaft.

Bleach includes hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and alkaline, which forces the hair cuticles to open to remove the melanin (color pigment) from your hair. As this happens, the hair cortex will be disrupted. Therefore, in most cases, a certain level of damage occurs i.e. dryness, split ends and breakage especially if overlapping occurs during application which is often the case if you are doing a home application. Best is to opt for a professional colorist rather than attempt this at home. There are certain additives on the market today that have progressed hair color procedures dramatically, but even so incorrect home care can destroy results almost overnight.

Best Care Tips For Newly Bleached Hair | IMG 8082 e1570124063643Hair by Nicolas Reyes Salon

Sun Bleached Hair

UV rays from the sun can also ‘bleach’ hair lighter by oxidizing the color pigment in the hair shafts. Applying a UV protection serum is a good way to avoid unnecessary damage from UV rays. Industry experts recommend hair protection products such as the Iles Formula Finishing Serum & Iles Formula Curl Revive as they are Sulfate-free, paraben-free and natural anti-UV hair protectors. Not only do they protect your hair from heat damage and color-fade caused by UV rays, but they are also phenomenal for hair-styling, delivering a sumptuous, lustrous feel to hair without weighing your hair down.

Avoid using pure Aragan oil serums on blondes as it will turn your blonde a brassy color.


bleached hair - sun bleached hair - treatment for bleached hair - bustlePhoto from bust

1. Use cold water to protect your hair

Hot water opens hair cuticles rapidly and can cause your bleached hair to be even more vulnerable and if its a darker tone your new hair color may seep out as you shampoo.


2. Using the right hair products and in the right sequence

A shampoo cleanses and a conditioner is sealing down the hair cuticle..therefore a hair mask that delivers nourishment must be applied before the conditioner to have it absorb right into the hair shaft before the conditioner comes along and seals the cuticle tight. Makes sense right?

Swap your regular shampoo and conditioner for rapid repair and nurture, such as the Iles Formula Signature Collection Shampoo and Conditioner, which are infused with 24 Key ingredients including  Pracaxi seed oil, silk protein, Active Vegetal Root Juices, Vitamins B5 and E to name a few.  The shampoo is sulfate-free,paraben-free and silicon-free. The  Iles conditioner is the benchmark in performance as it shuts cuticles tight without coating the hair shaft with keratin or proteins like most conditioners do, which in time will cause breakage. The results Iles Formula conditioner delivers is phenomenal … the more damaged a head of hair the more phenomenal the result.


Iles Formula Signature Shampoo

Formula Shampoo – Click the above picture to see more details and reviews


Iles Formula Signature ConditionerIles Formula Conditioner – Click the above picture to see more details and reviewsIle Iles

3. Deep Moisture Treatment for bleached hair

Shampoo –> Deep treatment Hair mask –> Conditioner

bleached hair - treatment for bleached hair - repair hair after bleaching - blonde hair - Piotr Marcinsk

Photo by Piotr Marcinsk from Shutterstock.com

Hair masks will nurture and moisturize your hair effectively and efficiently. It is also an easy and quick treatment that you can do at home by yourself.

Industry tip: The best sequence for applying a hair mask is after shampooing and before conditioning.

You should apply the hair mask on your towel-dried hair after shampooing. Remember to towel-dry your hair gently to squeeze out the excessive water and keep your hair damp, so that the hair cuticles remain open and optimal for absorbing the nutrients from the hair mask.

Leave the hair mask in your hair for around 15 mins for full absorption and then rinse.

Finally, apply the conditioner as the last step to seal shut the cuticles of your hair for a smooth luster and lasting fortified strength.

Tips: Apply conditioner to mid-length and ends and then comb it through for even distribution. Rinse your hair with clean tepid or cool water for added luster.


Best hair mask for bleached hair

 Hair Mask

Iles Formula Hair Mask - haircare after dying - after hair coloring - hair instant repairIles Formula Hair Mask – Click the above picture for more details and reviews

While treatments at the salon are great for professional checkups, haircuts, and drastic deep-conditioning treatments, regular at-home hydration treatments are super convenient and great for the maintenance of your hair as you can simply apply the Iles Formula Hair Mask at home, after a long day at work, or at the gym while you go for a steam, and enjoy the best ingredients ethically sourced from around the world. Using the simple steps and sequence that we detailed above will give you beautiful results that last from season to season.

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