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Best Hair From New York Fashion Week


Simple wearable braids and raw understated hair seemed to feature at this NYFW. Guido Palau always excels. I loved his interpretation of this finger-waved shag above for  the Marc Jacobs’show. A mix of 20’s and 70’s inspiration = très avant-garde. Kendall Jenner walked so did Lady Gaga.



Victoria Beckham knows what her woman is : minimal, simple yet has a great polish and that is what Guido Palau has perfectly interpreted. He crafted a streamlined sleek low ponytail that looked familiar yet sophisticated.


Credit Telegraph UK - Best hair Wendy Iles hairblog

Tight pigtail braids at ” Creatures of the Wind ” above and below. Did they take this idea from Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian West ?

wendyiles-hairblog-NYFW-BEST HAIR


I loved this innovative tail of Chromat, and it’s so easy to do. Apply slick texture to your hair and secure into a ponytail. Then place 5 bands down the tail at spaced intervals. Make the following form by pinning the first third and fourth bands together.

chromate - wendyileshairblog.com

Rihanna, while working on Fenty x Puma, said she just wanted things to reflect her, what was on her mind, how she felt and what she wanted right now. Her collection was a mix of oversize and corsets, sleeve-trailing sweats, transparent tops and maxi dresses – with Japanese characters almost everywhere. She used her surname “Fenty” as the label for her collection. We can see from head to toe that the look was so her, so RIRI.

Rihanna - FentyxPuma - wendyiles - hairblog


The hairlines were painted in white clay. Rihanna wanted to see white and to feel like frozen and that’s where the hair idea came from.  Yusef Williams, the hairstylist of the show nailed it. He got the hair slicked back and painted with a white to give that snowstorm feel to the models’ look. Remember the frosted tips trend ?


Fenti X puma- wendyiles-hairblog


Buzz cut model Ruth Bell with pinched lashes at “Jason Wu “.

wendyiles-hairblog-NYFW-Best Hair


Raw textured hair for this rope-like twist at Rebecca Minkoff.




James Pecis opted for shine and precision for his double brained twist at Sally Lapointe show.



Kayne West’s Yeezy show became a 90 minute standing marathon. Hair had no mention. Not easy to stand all that time with the rule list below.



The collection was a mix of bodysuits, puffa jackets and leggings.

D you want that Yeezy look ? Here are 38 commands from Kayne on how to get it.


yeezy posture


We can’t talk about Kanye West’s Yeezy x Adidas show without mentioning his wife Kim Kardashian’s blonde hair debut. How do you find it ?


Kim Kardashian - Kanye West - Yeez show - NYFW - Best haoir - Wendy Iles hairbog - credit getty images


Let me know your best hair from NYFW. Have a nice weekend !


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