Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020

Paris Fashion Week always holds a special place in our hearts here at Iles Formula, especially since this is home to our Founders. When you think of fashion, you definitely think of Paris, and for good reason. It is one of the fashions most inspiring cities. This week, Paris was flocked with some of the biggest celebrities, influencers, and fashion lovers alike for what is one of the biggest fashion weeks shows around the globe. Join us as we share with you some of the Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020.


Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020

Guy Laroche / Photo: Filippo Fior 


Guy Laroche

One of our favorites from this season’s Paris Fashion Week was the hair for Guy Laroche. The celebration of hair texture was what we most enjoyed. Whether it was the natural texture or texture created using a hot tool or set, we enjoyed seeing textured hair parade the runway. Our Curl Revive is so perfect for recreating these styles as it can be applied to the hair wet and either diffused (for a more voluminous finish) or allowed to dry natural embracing the natural curl. In addition, our Curl Revive is great for bringing your second-day curls back to life. Sometimes sleeping on your curls can seem like “game over” for your curls, but not with Curl Revive as you can wake up the curls just by spritzing it onto your hair and allowing it to do the work.

Photos:  Filippo Flor

Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020 Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020



Never a dull moment from Gucci and this season brought the same quirky-cool vibe as always. Segmented Corn Rows, Boxed Bobs and Wet Texture are what kept us interested in the looks at the Gucci show. Three completely different looks, but tied together with the black chain link sunless straps and over the top shades.


Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020 Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020



Something that never gets old braids and this was definitely the theme for this season’s Dior show. The braids created unity and consistency allowing the focus to be the garments, but yet the hair still made a powerful impact. When braiding your hair at home, use our Iles Formula Finishing Serum as it will control the hair while braiding and keep the saturation consistent for a better-finished result.

Photos:  Corey Tenold/ Alessandro Lucioni

Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020

Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020


Dries Van Noten

In contrast, the punk rock vibe at Dries Van Noten  was equally as impressionable.  Dark black 90’s inspired choppy, short hairstyles with vibrant colored hues sprinkled throughout was a nice contrast to what we typically see on the runway.  Have a look at a few of our favorites.

Photo:  Corey Tenold

Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020

Elie Saab

Another show where the texture was celebrated was Elie Saab. We enjoyed seeing the round 70’s disco era styles at the forefront of this show. In contrast, smoother looks were also utilized, however, the textured styles are what really seemed to stand out the most. This combined with the colored backdrops made for a very eye-catching scene.


Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020


Rick Owens

We always love a wet look hairstyle and the hair for Rick Owens definitely served us that. The wet look requires the right steps to keep it looking couture. To achieve a soft textured wet look, utilize our Finishing Serum to control and mold the hair into place. A heavier solid texture can be obtained by using a wet gel.

Photos:  Alessandro Lucioni


Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020

Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020

Comme De Garcons

There is nothing more visually pleasing than Avant Garde hair on the runway and the hair for Comme De Garcons really inspired us at this show.  Synthetic colored hair was used to build upon the style creating a sculpture of sorts.  We enjoyed seeing the Burgundy hues, and rigid textures that defined these looks.

Photo:  Filippo Flor


Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020

Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020


Olivier Theyskens

Whether the hair was curly or straight, the theme throughout most of the designers’ shows was undone texture. This allows us to take a break from structured styles utilizing tools and rather encourages more lived-in styles. You can see this in the hair for Olivier Theyskens show. While the hair is still straighter, it has some texture to it, almost as if the hair was tied into a loose bun and then let down to create a dribble wave effect.


Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020



Finally, another trend that was noted throughout many of the shows, was the contrasting hairstyles within each show. Typically, you will see a theme with hair and that theme will be consistent. However, we enjoyed this season seeing styles that contrasted with one another and yet were very cohesive on the runway. A perfect example was the hair for the Loewe show. As you can see, the smooth 60’s inspired style on the left, is completely different than the braids created on the right, but they both are very cohesive and made a great statement.


Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020


Overall, this season’s hair for Paris Fashion Week sure did not disappoint.  Which ones were your favorites?  Let us know in the comments below.  We hope you enjoyed our collection of the Best Hair Of Paris Fashion Week 2020.

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