Signs of Healthy Hair Vs Unhealthy Hair

Haircare is an umbrella term that includes hygiene, nourishment, and cosmetics for our locks; it does not merely refer to the hair on your head. Caring for your hair may involve other areas of the body, which may include facial and body hair. Knowing what may irritate your hair and scalp is equally important to buying and doing all the things that are good for your hair. It is therefore essential to know the signs of healthy vs. unhealthy hair to maintain the optimal bounce, shine, and fullness of your locks.

Signs of Healthy Hair

Even healthy hair may contain a small number of problems. Indeed, people who have (or want!) luscious-looking locks know the importance of proper haircare to ensure that small problems remain small or minimal, so as to maintain the optimal level of health for both their hair and scalp. For some areas of the body, it is advisable to consider applying hair removal techniques for coarse and unhealthy hair, in order to tackle the problems at the root. Check out laser hair removal Melbourne with VCI in that regard.

Now, let’s find out more about the signs of healthy hair:

Minimal Falling Hair

Hair fallout may be natural for most individuals. However, the amount of hair should not be excessive. Pay special attention when you brush or shampoo your locks. Also, check your pillow after you wake up from a good night’s sleep – it should  have minimal hair fall. If your pillow is relatively clean from fallen hair, or if you are not left with a handful of shed hair after shampooing your locks, then your hair might be relatively healthy.

Smooth Texture

Try running your fingers through your hair. Healthy hair will likely not contain tangles or frizz. Thus, your fingers should be able to run smoothly through your  locks. Also, healthy hair doesn’t feel dry or weak. Consider applying high performant ingredients to your hair. The Iles Formula Signature collection repairs instantly and prevents damage from occurring.

Excellent Elasticity


Signs of Healthy Hair Vs Unhealthy Hair by Iles Formula

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Gorgeous-looking hair may have that bounce you desire. With that in mind, try hopping or jumping in front of a mirror. Check if your locks bounce with you or if it stays relatively in place. If it’s the former, then your hair may have excellent elasticity. Hair elasticity may also be a measure of your locks’ strength. Another way to check for great hair elasticity is to take one strand and stretch it slightly. It should bounce back into place when you let it go.


Dandruff is one of the most common scalp problems and for those who are suffering from it, it is the bane of their existence, and can kill your confidence in your look. Dandruff is essentially dead skin flakes shed by a dry scalp. It is possible for dandruff to be caused by a range of conditions, including those suffering from serious health issues or hormonal imbalance. They can appear even on those with extremely good hygiene. Having healthy hair and scalp means that you are generally free from these annoying dry flakes.

Signs of Unhealthy Hair


Apply proper haircare techniques as soon as you notice the signs of unhealthy locks to nip any potential problems in the bud. Hair and especially scalp issues can last for years and you will have to suffer wearing suboptimal hair during those long years. Multiple causes may cause your hair to suffer and look worse for wear, which may take years to correct. Indeed, excessive bleaching and hair coloring are common causes that damage your hair and make it less elastic. Consider asking a haircare professional if in doubt.

Now, here are four indications if you have unhealthy hair:

Split Ends


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First, consider looking at your hair in front of a mirror. If you find shafts that split, then you may have split ends. Also, unhealthy locks may get increasingly porous over time. A regular trim should help. Deep conditioning your hair at least once a week may also improve split ends over time.

Dull-Looking Hair

Healthy hair with closed, well-nourished shafts should be smooth and reflect light. Thus, it might look shiny under the right lighting conditions. However, if your locks lack luster even when there’s a bright light in the area, then you might have unhealthy hair. Damaged hair may be over-damaged so it may not achieve much shine even after a deep-conditioning treatment.

Frizzes and Tangles

Signs of Healthy Hair Vs Unhealthy Hair by Iles Formula

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As mentioned earlier, healthy hair allows your fingers to run smoothly over it. However, if you hit a few snags along the way, then you might have damaged or unhealthy locks. Healthy hair will have its cuticles lying flat while the strands slide against each other. Conversely, unhealthy locks may have raised cuticles. If so, then your locks may be more susceptible to frizzes and tangles and eventually breakage.


The opposite of hair with strong elasticity may be fragile locks. Your hair shouldn’t easily snap when you tug on it with little strength. Damaged hair may also break off effortlessly as you run it through a brush or comb.

If you have unhealthy hair, you may be able to correct it by practicing proper everyday hair care techniques and haircare diets and maintenance. Maintaining proper hygiene and health of your whole body is equally important to the caring for your locks. Don’t forget to shampoo and condition your hair regularly, with organic ingredients that do not cause you harm: always be aware that the ingredients of shampoos and conditioners are crucial to the health of your hair and your scalp, so choose products for your daily haircare regime wisely.

Using paraben-free and sulfate-free haircare products can avoid daily chemical damages to your hair. Sulfates strip the hair of its natural moisture and dehydrate your silky strands. The award winning duo Iles Formula Signature Shampoo and Conditioner are not only 100% sulfate-free but also paraben-free and cruelty-free. Infused with essences from raw and virgin ingredients that have been extracted using the latest technology to ensure its freshness and wholeness, the Iles Formula Signature Shampoo and Conditioner deliver results instantly and will give you luscious repaired hair from the first usage.

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Whether you would like to deeply repair your hair from damages, or you simply want to have luscious hair all the time, treat your locks to a nourishing hair mask to seal in the moisture in your hair and recover from any damages caused by coloring or over exposure to sun and chemicals. The Iles Formula Haute Performance Hair Mask is infused with plant extracts, vitamin E, pantheon, and B5, and has been developed through extensive research to strengthen and nourish all hair types.

Apply the hair mask to slightly wet hair, then leave it on under a shower cap for 15 minutes. Rinse  and dry. Using a high-quality hydrating mask with natural ingredients is the key to ensuring your hair stays nourished and beautiful, while keeping your color looking fresh, sharp, and on-trend. For Ultimate results, this mask is applied between the Iles Formula Shampoo and conditioner .

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Indeed, if you are looking to create an effortless, bouncy style, why not invest in the beautifully made, easy-to-use and tactile Dyson hairdryer? These sought-after products are not only tested to be safe to use on all types of hair, they are made with the safest materials so as not to damage your locks and will look super stylish on your nightstand: most importantly, they will deliver beautiful bouncy hair in mere moments, making you the focal point of any social event on your calendar. They are even compact enough to take on holiday in your little carry-on case. Check out our holiday haircare tips before you head on that jet for a late summer jaunt!

Finally, make sure to visit your haircare specialist frequently to help check for any other signs of damage. Aim to have that beautiful, bouncy, and strong-looking locks to help ensure that your hair remains healthy and looking great all the way through winter.

Guest Writer: Amy Richardson

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