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Cannes Film Festival 2013

I was booked to spend the  week with Heidi Klum when she invited me to join her for the Cannes Film Festival. We had a good time and she stood out as the great lady she is. Her hair was well commented on and I’m quiet proud for my work to be mentioned by the press amongst that show of designer dresses and millions $ jewelry .

Staying at the famous Hotel du Cap where one of the functions was being held did help to be on site. Even so to reach the first red carpet on time, we had to take a speed boat across the bay to Cannes. It was an open boat so Heidi and I sat in its hull to protect her hair from the sea and wind. Although the ride was fast and got her there on time I’m  not sure which was worse, a blown out hairdo or the boat fumes and rocky sensation we incurred during the ride .

Once this first carpet call was over we rushed back with the boat to the hotel where we only had 20 minutes for retouches and she was on her way again to the charity gala at the bottom of the hotel garden. Scurrying out of the room I bumped into Janet Jackson and her entourage  who’s apartment was next door. On the same floor I run across Kylie Minogue and  Audrey Tautou.

This evening was one of those big fund raising events organized for the very rich and the room was full of Hollywood glamour.  Heidi helped host the show with Leonardo DiCaprio, Sharon Stone and Harvey Wienstein. They managed to collect for  AMFAR – American Foundation For Aids Research – 20.000.000 euros  in 3 hours !

They sold  for example 2 seats  to space  on the Virgin Galactic flight in the company of  Leonardo DiCaprio for 1.5 million euros each. An Andy Warhol of Elizabeth Taylor went for  around 700,000€. Leonardo is going to be busy as he also sold himself as a date. He will accompany the winner to  all the Oscar parties associated with his new movie next season. To be the lucky  person and to have this honor it cost 1.5 million Euros!

Carine Roitfeld  organized a fashion show with todays  top runway models,showing around 30 couture gowns that were sold to one buyer for 1.2 million . I’m wondering if the designers will redo the dresses in the size of the buyer? hope so. Shirley Bassey sang “Goldfinger” followed by Duran Duran who also played for dinner guests after the auction. The night was long and the list of the festivities goes on and on…We left Cannes 5.00am next day as we had  2 days filming for Astor in London with Rankin.

Next stop Germany for several press events and Germany’s Next Top Model which Heidi hosts .


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