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"Iles Formula People"


Andrea Karg is the founder of Allude Cashmere. Before entering the fashion industry, Andrea started off training to be a lawyer until her love of cashmere came into play leading to the birth of Allude Cashmere in 1993. Prior to this, Andrea…


Sonia Bellini is the founder of Bellini’s Spa and has been a business owner for 27 years. She is an avid learner and seeker of truth. She is naturally inclined to a marriage of aesthetic beauty and the science of how things work. Her mission…


Wendy Rowe is a world-renowned makeup artist and beauty expert. She is currently the Global Creative Director & Make-up Artist for Max Factor and has worked with many key fashion and beauty brands over the course of her esteemed career. Wendy…


ANA TRIDA is a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Specialist from Brazil and the Founder of the Ana Trida Therapist Method. Ana started her career as a nurse in the Oncology & Bone Marrow Transplantation Department at Red’ Or São Luiz in São…


Kasia Chinery a florist and part-time model from London. Kasia has recently opened a Florist in East London with her friend, Amaia, they have been building theFlorist brand, Gloria, for just under a year now. They make bespoke arrangements with a…


Dafina is an alumni of Georgetown University and has attended both USC Law School and the University of Cape Town. While at Georgetown University she was greatly influenced by the Jesuit emphasis on social justice and community service. She has…

Luc Deperrois - Stéphane Chapelle - florist - paris

Parisian for over 20 years, Luc rarely leaves his flowers or his neighborhood, Le Palais Royal. He lives /collaborates / works / and develops the florist “Stéphane Chapelle” with Stéphane Chapelle since his arrival in Paris. Check…

Iles Formula Woman - Danuta Mieloch - Rescue Spa in NYC and Philadelphia

Danuta Mieloch is the founder of Rescue Spa located in NYC and Philadelphia, offering a highly personalized, integrative and comprehensive approach to skincare and beauty. Skincare is her business, and Rescue strives to make clients feel their…

Vanessa Kandiyoti black and white photo

We’d like to introduce as our Iles Formula Women feature  Vanessa Kandiyoti, a fine jeweller based in London turned meditation teacher and author of her debut book, The Jewel Process. She was on the original designers who brought the evil…

Iles Formula Interview with Agnes Wielgosz of CEI Collective

Hi, I’m Agnieszka Wielgosz; (you can call me Agnes). As an artist, painter, photographer, researcher, and now a producer and founder at CEI Collective, I have spent the entire twenty years of my career telling other people’s stories. So, how…


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