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Hair loss: A Common Affliction to Men and Women It may surprise many people that hair loss affects women as much as it does men. Throughout history, hair loss has been portrayed as a male only problem with many finding their hair thinning by the…


It’s a challenging time at present with beauty, nail, and hair salons appointments inaccessible. I have listed a few of my trusted favorites for gift ideas for Mother’s Day, May 10th, all are available online for your easy shopping….

2020 long hairstyles - hair trend 2020 - One-length Long Hair - 70s hair - Celine

It’s another week of social distancing, and you are probably staying indoors most of the time. With all salons closed, you may not be able to have a professional haircut for a trendy short hairstyle. Let’s take a look at our 2020 long…

Curly Short Hair With Bangs 2

Under the current situation surrounding COVID-19 with the recommended social distancing, it gives us an opportunity to experience a simpler life, as well as relax and spend more time with our loved ones at home. It is also a good time for us…


It’s that crazy time, when the Oscars ceremony, after parties and New York fashion week all come within the same week! We had to make the best choice as to what insights to bring you, and we know you can’t wait to see the most…

Getting Heidi Klum Ready For The After Oscar Parties

Pro beauty tips on getting Heidi Klum ready for the after Oscar parties 2020 …


Oscars Night finally arrived! And Congrats to all Oscars winners! Last night, Hollywood was simply abuzz with Oscar party fever. Celebrities and stars were attending one of the several parties providing dinner and viewing of the Oscars. The…

Haute-Couture-Hair-Trends -2020-Paris-Milan

It’s that time again with the extra air of elegance and insouciance in Paris: it’s the City of Light’s time to shine as Haute Couture descends upon Paris in Fashion Week. We have chosen our favorite hair looks from this year’s runway…

- men hair trends - men hairstyles -men hair trends 2020 - men hairstyles 2020

Are you the discerning man of style? If the answer is yes then this journal post is for you, bringing to you trends and inspiration for 2020. The days when a shave was enough for a man to feel comfortable are long gone. Today, society is…

Iles Formula Hair Talk with Michelle Stall from Vibe Salon and Co - hairstylist - hairdresser - hair salon owner

Meet Michelle Stall, the owner of Vibe Salon and Co. Michelle has been in the industry since 2006 and has an extreme passion for what she does. She started her journey at the Paul Mitchell Academy in Tampa Florida. Then 14 years later her vision,…


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