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Coup de Coeur

If you are Australian you have to love this. One of the most treasured gifts I ever received was this photograph of our flag shaped in a heart  from Rankin.

I may be living between America and Europe  but much of my heart is still with Australia.

Coup de Coeur | wendy.iles .com aus flag 1 e1349689881268

© 2011 Rankin

Rankin  is one of the greatest in the photographic business today. Here enjoy some of his gallery work .

He’s known for his  ability to capture ” the truth”  in a portrait, having worked with many celebrities to name a few David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Madonna, Micheal Jackson,…He even captured our Queen of England with a smile, the list is endless, it just goes on and on. Many books have been published on him. One rather special with a deep darker side to it, Myths was a collaboration he did with Damien Hirst.

Alongside his successful photographic career, he was one of the founders of the great magazine Dazed and Confused and today he publishes The Hunger, a much talked about art/fashion magazine.

We all love RankinCoup de Coeur | wendy.iles .com 2

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