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Hair Tips – How to Get Diane Kruger’s Hairstyle

Hair Tips - How to Get Diane Kruger's Hairstyle | Screen Shot 2014 08 09 at 11.19.17 e1407578361684

Diane has fine textured hair and when I did this coiffure for her it was quite layered. I blow dried her hair as a basic dry technique then made these broken waves with my small one inch straightening iron. I took meshes haphazardly and slipped them through the straightening blades at the same time turning my wrist toward the back of head. The secret is to be fluid in your movement, don’t stop while turning  your hand or you will have a strange mark appear in the hair.

Once done dishevel a little of the curl with wind from a blow dryer. Don’t brush, just use fingers to shake hair into place. For the photo session, I selected key layered lengths to “fine tune” into place around the cheek and fringe area to add a touch of finesse to the otherwise tousled hair to add definition for the final photo image shot by Ralph Mecke for Harper’s Bazaar UK.

My favourite straightening irons are #GHD 1 inch but the older version not the new eclipse as sides are too thick & in USA, I prefer the #HarryJosh straightener as it’s finer on the sides and easier to work waves.

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