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Easy Hair Ideas For The Festive Season

The countdown begins, we are nearing the final stretch of the holiday season.  This time of year more than any other, we are looking for Easy Hair Ideas For The Festive Season.  Hairstyles that will inspire us,  but that are also easy to do.  Have you decided yet how you will be wearing your hair for the upcoming frolicking? If not, then you definitely will want to check out some of our favorite festive styles.


Easy Hair Ideas For The Festive Season

In this post, we are sharing 10 of our favorite Hair Ideas that may give you a boost of inspiration for your upcoming festivities.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Here we celebrate a chilly holiday season,  but each of these styles can be worn even if your holidays are sunny.  For our Iles Formula family that are located in warmer climates around the globe,  our formulas can be used to combat against winter cold and warm humidity.  So no matter your climate during this festive season we have got you covered.

Our Iles Formula System is the hair’s best protector against heated tools, extreme humidity, UV color fade, and over time will seal those split ends down, what more does a girl need?


The Winter White Top Knot

The first of our Easy Hair Ideas For The Festive Season is this Winter White Top Knot.  Keep it simple or dress it up, either way its guaranteed to work.  The good news, your hair doesn’t have to be white (wink wink). This style works for any hair type shoulder length or longer.  Pair it with a cozy sweater and a chunky scarf and you are all set.


Low Pony With A Cuff

We love this Low Ponytail, especially the cuff that is added to accentuate the style.  This is a super quick way to look chic, and works with either a center or side part.  It feels so festive, but yet not over the top.


The Perfect Side Braid

Next up, this super sexy side braid is every bit of perfect.  Another look that’s easy as pie, so long as you know how to do a three strand braid.  What makes this so amazing is that you really can wear it dressed up or down.  So whether your the type that shows up in yoga pants, or uses this opportunity to dress to impress, your are set with this hairstyle.  Our Iles Formula Finishing Serum is perfect for braiding as it gives you the control that you need while braiding.


The Low Chignon

Going for a fancier look this holiday season?  How about this Low Sleek Chignon.  You can never go wrong with a low chignon, especially if your looking to make a statement without spending hours preparing your hair.  Leave all of the prep time for the food and go for this absolute favorite of ours.


The Faux Bob

Another Easy Hair Idea For The Festive Season is the Faux Bob.  We love this because it works so well if you just don’t feel like wearing your hair long and down.  Simply secure it into a low and loose ponytail.  Then slide the ponytail holder down as far as you would like the length.  This loosens up the hair creating a chin length or longer bob.  Then tuck the ends of the ponytail up and pin underneath to secure into place.  Best part, its a hit with dressy or casual attire.


Super Natural

Sometimes, you really just want to do nothing with your hair.  It doesn’t get easier than this.  Wash your hair in the morning, and let it dry the way nature wants it to.  Add a little bit of Iles Formula Finishing Serum to damp hair and watch it come to life as it starts to dry.



The easiest way to add a festive vibe to any hairstyle is add an Accessory.  This chandelier style accessory makes for the perfect accent to this simple hairstyle.  Another reason accessories for the hair are great is because they can dress up any simple outfit.  Any accessory will do, so don’t be afraid to play around.  Are you dreaming of this spun silk hair for yourself?  Our Iles Formula Finishing Serum is the answer.


Western Braids

Make a big statement with these winter Western Braids.  Don’t be afraid to add the hat if your feeling like going for a trendy vibe this holiday season.  For this look, create two fishtail braids and loosen them up for a lived in feel.  Are you wondering what a fishtail braid is?  You tube has you covered.  You can find an abundance of tutorials.  If that doesn’t help, stick to a simple three strand braid instead, and loosen those.  This will provide a similar result.


Ribbon Ponytail

Another Easy Hair Idea For the Festive Season is a Ribbon Ponytail.  We add this style a lot because it really is simple yet makes a great statement.  You will have lots of ribbon left over from wrapping gifts, so take a bit for yourself and use it to dress up your simple ponytail.


Half Up French Braid

We are swooning over this Half Up French Braid.  This the most difficult of the Easy Hair Ideas For The Festive Season, but if you can French braid then you can do this.  Are you in love with these spun silk locks as much as we are?  Nothing beats the look of beautiful healthy hair.  This is the type of hair that our Iles Formula three part system delivers.  Give this look a try for a fun and festive vibe.


As we conclude, we have to say that we are definitely inspired by these Easy Hair Ideas For The Festive Season.  Which one was your fave?  Have you found one you want to try?  Don’t forget to tag us @ilesformula_hair and #IlesFormula.

If you are searching for the perfect gift for the holiday season, check out our Iles Formula Holiday Gift Box.  It has everything you need, and looks beautiful too.  Even our Founder Wendy Iles’ lovely client Heidi Klum added it to her gift giving list of favorites.


We want to wish you all a very happy and safe holiday season, and thank you for being part of our Iles Formula Community.  Your love of our Iles Formula warms our hearts.

***All Photos sourced from Pinterest***


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