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What Exactly Is A Paraben And Sulfate And Why Your Haircare Should Be Free Of Them?

Parabens and Sulfates…You hear about them all the time, but it seems no one ever really shares why it’s important?  Are they safe?  Should we avoid them?  We wanted to break it down for you and share What Exactly Is A Paraben And Sulfate And Why Your Haircare Products Should Be Free Of Them.

They are found in everything from haircare, skin care, makeup, deodorant and lotions, and it doesn’t end there.  It can be a process to figure out if all of what your using contains them or not, but little by little you can make more conscious purchases just by knowing what you are looking for.


What Is A Paraben?

First things first, what exactly is a Paraben?  To keep it simple, it is a class of widely used preservatives found in beauty products and pharmaceuticals.  They come in many chemical variations, and have been around for more than 50 years.  So what’s the big deal then right?  Well, let us explain…

Parabens are said to mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen.  This can be concerning to some, as many believe this estrogen activity to be associated with some forms of breast cancer.  Studies have not necessarily proven this as of yet, but why take a chance.  If this type of health information concerns you then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to choose products that are free of this preservative, right?

If you have made the choice to start looking for products to better suit your health, there are many options for you now.  Many brands are choosing to be more conscious in the creations and testings of their products.  Our Iles Formula products are all free of Parabens, as we feel, if it doesn’t need it for top performance, then why add it in.


What Is A Sulfate?

Simply put, a sulfate is a cleansing agent. It’s the suds and bubbles.  They can be found in shampoo, toothpaste, body washes, soaps and more.  You’re probably thinking well that’s fine, we need that right?   Not exactly…  There is controversy right now around sulfates and whether they are harmful or not.  They are said to cause damage to cell membranes and said to leave residues in some major organs in the body.  That’s what is happening on the inside.   What about your hair?  Sulfates are known to strip the hair of their natural oils, resulting in frizzy, dry, and brittle hair.

So why do we need it then?  Many shampoos are labeled sulfate free and typically one of the things most people dislike about sulfate free shampoos, is that they do not suds up.  So, your left feeling as if it didn’t properly cleanse your hair. Have you tried this and feel this way?  This is one of the reasons why we love our Iles Formula  Shampoo.   It is sulfate free, and unlike many sulfate free shampoos that do not have lather, we actually have bubbles in abundance due to a special root extract we use.  It’s a win win situation. All one needs to do with Iles Formula shampoo is add more water not more product when massaging and foam will appear in abundance.


Photo:  Krystel Couture

So, do you go on a crazy rampage and start throwing out all of your old beauty products?  Well that part is totally up to you.  Most importantly though, we wanted to take some time to share this information and allow you to make your own choices from there.  There is still a lot up in the air in regards to Parabens and Sulfates, but if you happen to be health conscious, then these bits of information may be of importance to you.

What do we recommend?  Make slow transitions.  Start with your obvious switches, maybe your haircare products.  From there you can do a bit more research and decide if there are other products you would like to switch out.

Are you already Paraben and Sulfate free?  Lets us know where you are at in your journey in the comments below, we love to hear from you.







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