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Iles Formula Hair Ideas: Fabulous Hairstyles for the 2020 Fashion Trends

The fashion industry is more diverse than it has ever been, with everything from boho-chic inspirations to gender-fluid fashions, It has greater racial diversity, and plus size fashions seen at the world’s Big Four fashion shows.

At the heart of diversity is individuality – the idea that you can be who you are with no apologies. Celebrating the wonder of self has hit hard in makeup and hair as well, with everything from bouncy waves to sleek looks seen on catwalks and on busy city streets. If you tend to design an outfit around your hairstyle and pride yourself on your shining lush locks, the following trends may work perfectly with your style.

Iles Formula Hair Ideas: Fabulous Hairstyles for the 2020 Fashion Trends | Screen Shot 2020 01 06 at 3.29.14 PM e1578321043365


Fringe Hair

Every fashion publication from Vogue to Marie-Claire is hailing the return of bangs. Whether full or sultry, they highlight the beauty of your eyes and have the ability to soften or sharpen the face depending on the cut. The idea of a kind-of moving ‘curtain’ as a way to adorn the face, is taking over the fashion world as well, with fringed garments predicted to be one of 2020’s hottest trends.

A jacket with fringed sleeves, a fringed belt, or even a small fringed friendship bracelet will add to the music fest boho-chic style of any ensemble. Indeed, fringes abound every year at events like Coachella, but this year they will be particularly prevalent. Tight jeans, sexy boots and a fringed top or midriff will provide the perfect ‘devil-may-care’ complement to your hair.

To ensure your bangs are 100% flawless and show no signs of dryness or fly-away untidiness, try Iles Formula’s Signature Collection, which includes an antioxidant-packed shampoo, silky conditioner, and gentle finishing serum that will screen your hair against the sun’s UV rays at any outdoor musical event or party.

Professional Looking Curls

Technology has stepped up big-time for those into long, luscious curls, with hot tools like the Revlon Ball Wand and the T3 Whirl Trio Styling Wand making it easy to sport anything from tight spirals to loose and luscious waves. These days, therefore, it is easy to look like your hair has been professionally styled, even if it is just another workday.

The key to making curls work well with your outfit is selecting the right volume. A super fun, spirally, ‘big’ hairdo will work beautifully with something fun and flirty. Top trends to try out this year with this look include ruffles (check out Roksanda’s Spring/Summer collection from the London Fashion Week catwalk), big coat dresses (Bottega Veneta has a beautiful rusty red coat that will probably make its way to more than one red carpet event), or a netted dress (this mermaid-inspired style will be in).

For a formal Chanel-type suit, on the other hand, a high ponytail with big, pronounced curls will do the trick. Soft waves can also work well for everyday looks. Check out Iles Formula’s Curl Revive Pack, which helps condition and moisturize curls, ensuring they are in top condition and give a luster like never before.

Iles Formula Hair Ideas: Fabulous Hairstyles for the 2020 Fashion Trends | IMG 2329 e1578318030159

Iles Formula Hair Ideas: Fabulous Hairstyles for the 2020 Fashion Trends | IMG 2326 e1578318093508

Iles Formula Curl Revive Pack

Iles Formula Curl Revive Pack – Check the above picture to see reviews and details

Hair Color Splashes

Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten has created a new trend that is ideal for those who love the idea of ultra-colorful hair without having to commit to a permanent or even a semi-permanent change. His models wear their hair short or long, with clipped-on hair-effect accessories in shocking combinations like fuschia (on brown hair) and black (for white/blonde hair).

Use hair accessories to go with the colorful leather looks viewed at shows like Annakiki’s at Milan Fashion Week. Trend predictors see a lot of bold-hued leather in particular – in everything from orange to neon green, so use complementary or contrasting hair accessories and avoid being too ‘matchy’ at all costs!

Iles Formula Hair Ideas: Fabulous Hairstyles for the 2020 Fashion Trends | Screen Shot 2020 01 06 at 2.28.44 PM e1578317572585

There are many ways that you can make the most of your current style, regardless of whether you have long or short, conservative or avante-garde hair. Color, volume, and cultural inspiration should lead the way. When you’re picking a look for the following day, try to find the common threads that run through hairstyles, accessories, and hot clothing items you need in your wardrobe in 2020.

Thanks to Guest Writer Isabella Lovett.

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