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Fast and Effective Tips to Revive Damaged Hair This Holiday Season

haircare-tips-to-revive-damaged-hair-this-holiday-seasonHair Image by Iles Formula supporter @_roryrice_  (To read Rory’s interview, click here)

Our hair is not immune to damage. While some of us are blessed with thick and voluminous hair, others suffer from weak or super dry hair that is prone to breakage. Besides the natural conditions of our hair, applying heated and styling tools, hair dyes, or bleach on our hair can also cause a significant amount of damage to our hair.

In this article, we cover the different types of hair damage issues and the best hair care solutions you can include in your hair care routine to revive your hair!

What are some common hair damage issues?

Even if you do not style your hair frequently, there are many external factors in our surroundings that potentially hurt our hair. For instance, intense sunlight, humidity, winds, and cold air can all negatively impact your hair, even towns water supply, through the use of chemicals infused to clean the water.

The Iles Formula Signature Collection protects your hair against any environmental assault and optimizes your hair condition with sulfate-free, silicone-free, and paraben-free ingredients. It’s the perfect 3-step-system you need for a simple yet high-performance and nurturing hair routine.


The Iles Formula Signature Collection

Furthermore, using hair curlers, flat irons, or blow dryers can result in various degrees of damage to your hair. High temperatures can potentially harm your hair because heat will strip water molecules and natural oils from your hair and cause the keratin proteins in your hair to become altered. Combined with a loss of hydration and a change of the hair’s innate chemical structure, hair that has been damaged by heat appears dry, rough, and lusterless.

Other than the heat, bleaches or hair dyes also have harmful effects on your hair. To achieve a lighter shade of hair color, one needs to bleach one’s hair first. Bleach, on the one hand, is a substance that breaks into your hair shaft to destabilize pigment molecules and to fragment these stable molecules into smaller components that be washed off from your hair. This can be detrimental to your hair health since, in the process, the fatty acids that originally existed to protect and strengthen your hair get destroyed and removed from your hair as well. This damage is irreversible, and your hair will practically lose its liveliness.

Hair dyes, on the other hand, usually contain harmful chemicals such as peroxides and ammonia, which explains why they give out a pungent smell when applied to the hair. Permanent hair dyes are known for their penetrative effects, and in some cases, certain chemicals in hair dyes, including para-phenylenediamine, can even result in hair loss.

For all types of damaged haircare, we would recommend investing in high-performance haircare like Iles Formula as these formulas cater to ALL hair types. The more damaged the hair the more phenomenal the performance. The repair is instant from the very first use.

The Iles Formula Signature Collection is a minimalist 3 step system with maximum results. It contains the essentials you’ll need to cleanse, repair, and protect your hair. For extra care, read on below to see the hero products to pay attention to that will save your hair from further damage.

Heat-damaged Hair

Hair damaged by heat is in dire need of protection moisture and hydration restoration. Firstly change your ways and start using a heat protector. The Iles Formula  Serum number 3 and the Curl  Revive Serum both protects hair not only from all kinds of extreme heat like heated tools and UV assault but also extreme cold.

To add extra nourishment to the hairshaft we suggest the Iles Formula Hair Mask which is a cocktail of raw virgin ingredients including vitamins E  and B5 for scalp health.

This mask should be used between the Iles shampoo and Iles conditioner. It immediately revives your damaged hair to be sumptuous, silky, and radiant, strengthening and nourishing the hair and scalp without ever weighing the hair down.

Bleached or Dyed Hair

We all have those moments where we regret dying our hair when we look at our grassy hair in the mirror. Nonetheless, you do not need to stay away from vibrant hair colors for as long as you are down to practicing a revitalizing hair care routine!

Here are some tips that you can incorporate into your hair care routine for treating bleached or dyed hair:

  1. Reduce the use of heating tools and let your hair air dry or use a hair protector at all times.
  2. Use natural ingredients to nourish your hair.
  3. Apply intensive treatments such as the Iles Formula Shampoo to soften brittle hair,  the Iles Formula Conditioner to repair together with the Iles Formula Finishing Serum to protect.
  4. Combine your hair care routine with a balanced and nourishing diet

So, fret not; these award-winning haircare products are here to care for you every step of the way! Results will be spectacular and evident from the very first use. Reviews are our testimony.

Do not forget to tag us @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula on your social media to let us know what your personal haircare steps are!

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