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Fine hair, don’t care! 3 ways to fake it without extra hair!

Every girl dreams of having full, luscious, and voluminous hair. Do you spend your time blow-drying your hair upside down in a desperate attempt to add lift to your hairdo, only to find that it loses its texture minutes later? If you need to add immediate volume to fine or lanky hair, then this article is for you.

Here are some expert tips to help your hair look amazing instantly!

thin hair-layered hair style-blonde curly hair-iles formula-creative beauty company

Hairstyle created during an Iles Formula Masterclass at Creative Beauty Company Berlin.

1. Become a blow-dry pro!

Depending on your hair type, a good blow-dry should last at least a couple of days with the right products to keep your hair smooth and full of luster. Styling doesn’t always have to involve a hot tool. For example, you could rock your fierce blowout on Monday and Tuesday, then put a fab high ponytail on Wednesday, drop the tail down on Wednesday evening and some volume will have returned.

After washing your hair, use a turban towel that will suck up excess water fast having it blow dry ready within a minute.  Apply your favorite hair product for heat protection. We recommend two; the Iles Formula Finishing Serum and the Iles Formula  Curl Revive  Both have protection against heated tools, UV, color fade and that dreaded humidity that will kill a blow dry in minutes.

We love this Dyson Air Wrap…. It’s quite magical and does all the hard work for you, oh and it’s ionic also so no static!

Firstly the round brush expels warm air which creates great oomph in the hair all over. The tong attachments are magic in that along with those pink stripes, the air is circulated that sucks your hair sections on to the tong and slowly winds it up to roots with a guarantee of no nasty ends resembling fish hooks! It’s so easy. A little like learning to ride a bike at first but once you have the hang of it you never forget.


best curling iron for fine hair -Dyson hair iron-Dyson hair wrapTips

Blast hair with the cold button once dry or clip the hair until its cold to set the movement you have just created.

Many people wrongly believe that air drying is best for hair because it helps you avoid the heat. Confusingly, this isn’t the case! Moisture in the hair follicles will keep them more open. When you use the blow dryer, especially after using cold water in the shower, it can make a huge difference to your hair, delivering luster, smoothness and silkiness to your hair.


2. The Right Product

This  Iles Formula Serum is phenomenal, all you have to do is blow dry it into damp hair. Be methodical and do apply to every section.  It has the power to transform thin fine hair making it feel thicker without ever weighing the hair down. The image attached was done in 40 mins using only the Iles Formula trio… the magic you see in the before and after images comes from this serum. The key is to add the heat from the dryer directly on to it.

Fine hair, don't care! 3 ways to fake it without extra hair! | 3


Before and After using Iles Formula

Before and after image using Iles Formula Shampoo, Conditioner and Finishing Serum. No retouch and no extensions.


3. Haircut ideas and hairstyles for thin hair

Trim out the split ends and asking your hairdresser to graduate the lengths around your face line, this will add volume to the sides.  There is a difference between layering and graduation… do not layer fine-textured hair, graduation is better as it keeps weight to the ends.

Fine hair Thin hair style - Hair by Hanna Huenlich using Iles Formula serum - Luscious hair

Hair by Hanna Huenlich during an Iles Formula Master Class at Creative Beauty Company Berlin.

These are the 3 best ways for your hair to look healthier, more luscious and achieve that lovely, voluminous look immediately – If you want to achieve healthier and stronger hair over time, consider what products you use in your daily hair care routine and what matters most for healthy hair! For more information check out last week’s post on Healing your hair from the inside-out.


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