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From Beach to Street

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It’s beach time ! Here are some simple tricks to take your beach hair to the street for late afternoon dinner or drinks.

These are tips that work for long hair. Short hair is pretty much a swim, shake and dry. The sea water adds a great texture to short hair once dried, so don’t rinse it out. Comb it through into shape while wet then don’t brush it once dry, just use your fingers to shake it and you are ready to go !

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For long hair you have 2 options.  Have hair loose on the beach and attach it for the evening or attach the hair during the day and loosen out into long sexy movement for evening. I prefer the latter and here’s my tips on how to realize this look.

From Beach to Street | Screen Shot 2014 07 06 at 11.46.21 e1404640121759

Start your day off with freshly washed hair, especially as it has to deal with beach elements all day and be fresh in the evening.

After shampooing, condition ( always leave a touch of conditioner in the hair, if your hair is really curly then leave 90% conditioner in, don’t rinse it out of the mid-length and ends, just rinse quickly the roots. )  The conditioner makes a nice texture and avoids frizz.

If your hair is really straight do a long fat braid and if it’s really thick you may need to do 2 braids and attach them, then roll these up and attach on top of head. (See images above)

It’s important the braid starts up near the roots so throw head upside down and gather all hair together as if doing a pony tail on top of head. Braid this and secure the end with small band then twist it around on its base in a clockwise direction to do a high bun on top of head. You can do this on damp hair and let it dry during the day.

If you hair is wavy or curly,  don’t braid it. Use same technique as above by throwing hair upside down but create a pony tail by twisting hair all in a clockwise direction then turn it on its base to create a bun. Secure well in place so it does not unwind. For wavy hair you can do it on dry hair. For really curly or straight, it will be better to do on damp hair.

At end of day shake hair out and use fingers or a large tooth comb. Don’t use a hair brush or you will loose the beach texture. The position of high bun gives great root volume. As you practice this, you will adjust the bun position to your needs. If you like it flat on top, then anchor the bun lower down with a drag on the roots.

Finish off with a shake and go !

Enjoy !

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