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Get that perfect “surfer hair” without going to the beach!

Get that perfect “surfer hair” without going to the beach!

Want a beach-vacation hairstyle without actually being near the ocean? Here are a few easy techniques that you can apply to your hair that create the “surfer hair” style without facing the pounding surf, messy sand, and endless summer beach crowds.

Create perfectly tussled curls by simply washing your hair, putting in a t-shirt, and twisting it into two even rolls. This new technique is called hair plopping. Despite the unfortunate moniker, this approach works wonders. Let your hair dry naturally and you’ll be surprised at your new effortless curls! It also provides a frizz free “do”. If your hair needs some extra encouragement to reach its absolute curl potential, you can use a curl-activating product prior to the “plop”.

Summer beach styles bring with them all sorts of hair problems. Having trouble with those pesky split ends? There is a solution. We recommend that you use a heat-activated protein treatment to ensure protection well after vacation season is over. If you use the right product, the results can be amazing and long lasting too.

As we have discovered, achieving a mussed look doesn’t necessarily have to involve a dip in the ocean; consult your salon for suggestions on quirky surf-style hair that looks like you spent endless days on the beach. Only we will know that you were sitting behind your computer all this time working in a land locked office location in the city.

One very new style that has been sweeping the salons is the “Cross-Shake” cut. The “Cross-Shake” method achieves a heavily textured appearance and creates that natural lived in look by slicing into your hair in cross sections around your head. It works on all types and lengths of hair and is ideally suited for someone who wants to really emphasize their curls. It eliminates the need to spend time fixing each strand of hair into place. With this cut, you can have effortlessly mussed hair in mere moments.

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