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Golden Globes and Iles Formula

The Golden Globes 2016 had a connection to Iles Formula. Interestingly enough instead of the usual edgy, disheveled styles (something we have seen lots of lately) elegance was what popped on this years Golden Globes red carpet. The hair was polished and perfect. This new trend of  “polished” hair was set off with soft almost natural glowing makeup. The combination was fresh and modern,  just as we believe hair should be at Iles Formula.

Our co founder Wendy Iles is known in Hollywood for delivering those signature spun silk locks. Appears its catching on with less hairspray more Iles Formula finishing serum

Here is an edit of our favorite looks at this years Golden Globes .


Adir Abergel’s hair was one of our top favorites.  Beautifully conditioned locks attached by gold threaded elastics, made the hair young and modern. Easy to create this golden thread by taking hooked elastics and wrapping them in fine golden thread .



Our Iles Formula client Kate Hudson looked ravishing with her spun silk locks. We loved the tone on tone of her blonde with the soft beige of her makeup and gown .

kateHudson-IlesFormula-GoldenGlobes-best of


Even the short hair of Jennifer Lawrence was sporting our signature spun silk finish. No hairspray in sight here, just soft natural modern hair!



Jennifer Lopez was looking very  polished with her new length bob. Her hairstyle had an easiness about it that was very “chic “.



Amber Heard had her long hair rolled up and pinned under to resemble a retro bob. The result is very elegant, especially as she too opted for hair that’s soft to the touch.



Lets finish off with Lady Gaga  and her  soft “Marilyn” look,  her hair too was hairspray free with a texture of spun silk.



If you are reading this, then we know you know about us and our signature spun silk texture.

Our 3 formulas are important in the story of delivering this benchmark sumptuous finish to hair.

To know more about us come visit ilesformula.com  and follow our journal where we bring you interesting topics on all sorts of subjects.

If there is something in particular you would like us to cover, then tell us, we are here for you, our customer.

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