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Easy Ways To Use Hair Accessories


Hair accessories for a classy look

I just adore these sumptuous hair accessories from Milan fashion show of D&G. The show overall was beautifully poetic aimed at family with an accent on Mamma. Pregnant Mothers, children and babies in amongst a glorious feast of rose print, pale pinks, soft blues and an abundance of jewels and crystal embellished headphones !

The hair jewels are exquisite. The trick is to use all this ornamentation on “easy ‘hair. Don’t attempt to put them in a hairstyle too stiff and coiffed, the effect won’t look as modern. If you don’t have the budget to buy these expensive pieces create your own from old broaches and jewels from flee markets or Mothers and Grandmothers jewellery boxes. It’s quite cool to see them attached haphazardly with just a few bobby pins.

If a piece is heavy, sew it in with thread and a large needle. This will work if the hair is anchored in a chignon, of course it will dislodge if sewn on to loose hair, unless you have a braid of some sought to attach the stitching. Have fun this season ! These jewels in “easy” hair can look as perfect with individual style as they would with a tatty pair of jeans. I can’t wait to use them on a fashion shoot very soon.

Here are my preferred pieces

hair accessories

hair accessories

hair accessories

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