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Let’s Speak Ingredients.

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Did you know that apart from collecting our raw ingredients from Australia, Japan, and Morocco, we also collect several of our key ingredients from the forest floor of the Amazon Forest in Brazil?

Our Shampoo for example is formulated mostly from an exotic root juice that replaces sulfate.  The root is not unlike a potato which is activated by friction and the addition of more water, delivering an abundance of mousse.  Free from harsh detergents, silicone, and sulfates, this delicate shampoo formula cleanses without stripping color or over-­drying. Vitamin B5 restores the hair shaft and helps to repair split ends, dullness, and rough texture. You will immediately feel the power of Iles Formula by the bounce and luster of your hair after just one shampoo.

Our Iles Signature Conditioner is intensely high performant, without ever weighing the hair down.
The jewel of the Iles Formula haircare line is the conditioner. It is the raison d’être for the entire collection.  Our founder Wendy Iles oversees every production of this conditioner she calls her “jewel”. It’s very long and tedious labor manufacturing our conditioner which takes up to 14 hours, just layering the ingredients.  This paraben-free formula instantly transforms damaged, straw-­like hair into sumptuous spun-silk perfection. Put to the test on today’s biggest celebrities and on the sets of prestigious directors and photographers, Iles Formula repairs and revitalizes even the most damaged hair, delivering benchmark performance from the first treatment with an immediate voluptuous effect on the hair, while knots and tangles smooth away instantly. Tucuma Palm and Pracaxi Oil extracted from the seeds of the Macrobola Tree are sourced from the Amazon rain forest in Brazil, as well as other propriety ingredients including Vitamin E and B5 for total hair rejuvenation.

For the Finishing Protection Serum, we sourced also virgin ingredients from the Amazon along with harvested ingredients from Australia Morocco, and Japan…

The Iles Formula Finishing Serum amplifies the smoothing quotient of hair and delivers a non-greasy, silky finish. This paraben-free lightweight formula can be applied to wet or dry hair to protect against humidity, heated tools, chemical, and environmental damages. Tucuma Seed Butter, Keratin Amino Acids, nut oils of Macadamia, Argan, Hydrolyzed Silk, and Panthenol to nourish the hair without ever weighing it down. Ceramic­ like molecules reinforce the hair fibers while strengthening hair and helping to repair split ends. Additional support from Vitamin B5 and UVB filters protect hair (even colored hair) from damaging UV rays. The serum is the finishing tool in Wendy’s hair care + repair arsenal.

Our ingredients are raw and virgin but we don’t stop there, Wendy Iles our founder knew the results she needed to achieve before she started. Because of her perseverance and professional experience, doing hair campaigns worldwide for over 3 decades, she searched long and hard to make these ingredients perform to her exacting standards, demonstrating what high technology can do, to wake up raw, fresh, virgin ingredients, and succeeded in getting amazing results through her sheer passion for beautiful hair.

Moreover, the ingredients are harvested with concern for the land and the environment. What we take are the fruits, the nuts, and juices of plants, specially harvested by hand for our products.



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