Hair Inspiration: Cubism

This image above is a Botticelli  hair style I did  around 15 years ago with photographer Felix Lammers and makeup artist Yasmin Heinz. At the time I pulled my inspiration from my Sassoon training ,but  its time again to think of recreating this style so I’m  putting together a moodboard on soft cubism looks to re inspire me.

 I learnt at Sassoon how to stack perm to achieve the look of the “Botticelli” as in my image above. For this cubism shape instead of perm rods, we use hundreds of small braids that we stacked on top of each other. The perm was a “wash & go”, it was quite extraordinary at the time, a revolution in fact. If you don’t fancy this look on a permanent basis use a crimping iron to give the look, as its been done in these images  below from Helen’ Oppenheim’s archives of the “Sleeper Collection” photographed at the time by  Serge Beaucheim .

I will use these images as part of my inspiration mood board that I’m working on, I find it always good to gather images   of what you aspire to create.  It’s not about copying, it’s about gathering all types of information, I have included also  some Picasso painting images from his cubsim period. I may have up to 40 images in total on my mood board.  All this in the melting pot finds your own single thread of creativity to develop the look differently.

Images below , Archives of Helen Oppenheim ,photo Serge Beauchemin. 1975.


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