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Hair Loss and Self-Esteem: How to Keep Your Confidence When Losing Your Hair

by guest writer- Steph Davidson

No matter how old you are when you first notice that you’re experiencing hair loss, it can put a dent in your self-esteem. If you’re not feeling good about losing your hair, remember that you can take steps to rebuild and maintain your confidence. All is not lost! And you certainly are not alone.

Some 30 million American women are or will be affected by female-pattern hair loss. The situation is even worse for men. According to the American Hair Loss Association, 25% of men who have hereditary male pattern baldness experience hair loss before they’re 21 years, and 66% of men will experience some hair loss by age 35. 85% of men will have significantly thinner hair by age 50.

Speaking about female-pattern hair loss, New York University Medical Center dermatologist Michael Reed, MD, said that hair loss can be devastating for women. He elaborated that it could make women feel less stylish and may affect their self-esteem and sense of security.

Men who experience hair loss often struggle with feelings of insecurity, lack of confidence, a sense of loss of virility or manliness, and depression. They may also stop attending social gatherings to avoid negative comments or ridicule.

Hair loss is neither desirable nor ideal, but you can respond to it in ways that help you regain your confidence. Let’s take a closer look.

Give Yourself Some Perspective

We’re often our own worst critics. If you notice that you’re losing hair, you probably have some harsh thoughts about it. When you look at yourself in the mirror, that patch of thinning hair might be the first and last thing you see, and it arouses all sorts of negative feelings within you.

Give yourself a break. Don’t be so harsh on yourself. There’s a good chance that when others see you, they see that hair loss as simply another aspect of your appearance—an aspect that doesn’t require or elicit judgment or negative thoughts.

Be Pragmatic About The Situation

The ancient Greek philosophers known as the Stoics taught that most events in life are beyond our control. The only thing we can control is our response. Hair loss isn’t pleasant, but it won’t affect your health negatively, and it certainly won’t put your life in danger.

Be pragmatic about the situation. Accept that you’re one of the people who will experience some hair loss and find a way to turn it into a positive feature. Remember, losing your hair is not a weakness, and it doesn’t change who you are as a person.

Look After What You’ve Got

Putting yourself in the right frame of mind to keep your confidence when losing your hair is one thing. Taking practical steps to do something about it is another. Look after what you’ve got to ensure that the hair you do have is lustrous and strong.

You’ll want to minimize any damage to your hair, so ensure you don’t expose it to too much direct sunlight, chlorinated swimming pool water, or seawater, all of which can lead to dry, damaged hair. Dry wet hair by patting it gently with a soft towel or by leaving a towel around your shoulders to soak up the moisture.

Don’t brush or comb wet hair vigorously, as your hair’s more prone to breaking when wet. If you do need to style or de-tangle your hair when it’s wet, use gentle motions with a wide-toothed comb.

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Find A New Hairstyle

Boost your confidence by finding a stylish cut that suits your hair and the shape of your face. If you’ve previously chosen hairstyles that require lots of thickness or a low hairline, it’s time to consider options for thinning hair, such as a skin fade, buzz cut, or quiff.

If you have a receding hairline, consider cutting your hair short on the sides, as this can make the hairline less obvious. Alternatively, try growing out the hair at the front of your head. When it’s long enough, comb it backward over your head. If you’re balding on one side of your head, part your hair to that side to cover the bald spot.

Whatever your choice, the style should suit what you’ve got to work with rather than the hair you wish you had. Wear your new style confidently, and it will become a strong point instead of something you feel self-conscious about.

Speak To Your Doctor

Your doctor can help you identify the type of hair loss you have and its underlying cause. Sometimes hair loss is genetic, and sometimes, it can be caused by stress, poor nutrition, and other lifestyle factors.

Depending on the type of hair loss you have, you may be able to treat it with minoxidil, finasteride, or another treatment. Taking steps to deal with your hair loss can be another way of boosting your confidence.

Talk To A Therapist

If you’re still struggling with your confidence after taking a few steps to deal with your hair loss, try talking to a therapist. Hair loss can and does affect some people’s mental health, and if you suffer from any type of depression, it can exacerbate it. This absolutely does not mean you’re weak or foolish. Instead, it means that you love yourself enough to take care of all aspects of your being.

Hair loss may be distressing, but it’s not the end of your world, and it doesn’t need to have a negative impact on your life or your personhood. It’s also not something that you can’t do anything about. Use the steps above to help you keep your confidence when losing your hair.

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