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Hair Products: Splurge or Save?

The prices of beauty and personal grooming products vary greatly, and it can be confusing to see seemingly similar items priced so differently. Differences in ingredients, brands, and packing can largely impact the perceived product value. As consumers, we might be perplexed when it comes to justifying the prices we pay for certain items.  

Each of us has our distinctive skin and hair conditions, and choosing the right products catered to us can bring positive vibes to our day-to-day lives. This article offers knowledge and expertise on which haircare products to splurge on and which other products to save on.  

Items to splurge on 

Not surprisingly, haircare essentials sold at drugstores that one might use daily are far from ideal. On top of strong and potentially harmful chemicals that made their way into these products, the pH levels in these products might be questionable. When it comes to haircare necessities, investing in professional brands that are silicone-free and paraben-free will undeniably make a difference to your hair and scalps condition.  


Shampoo usually does not come across as a luxury item that consumers like to splurge on. Nonetheless, a thorough cleanse of your scalp can be of great significance and the dangers of not completely sanitizing your hair are tenfold. Dirt build-up, scalp irritation, unpleasant odor, slowed hair growth, an increase in dandruff, and ultimately hair loss can all be results of using the wrong shampoo or not cleansing your hair sufficiently.  

 A shampoo with the correct PH value can be used for ALL hair types.


The Iles Formula Shampoo 

The Iles Formula Shampoo is designed for all hair types and instantly solves hair entanglement issues. This product cleanses your scalp without exhausting your hair moisture and leaves your hair with a silky and luscious finish. 


If you have dyed hair or bleached hair, you might have already felt the revitalizing benefits that hair conditioners bring about. This is because hair conditioners detangle your hair by closing your opened hair cuticles, moisturizing your hair with built-in nourishing oils, and strengthening your hair by forming a protective coating on your hair.  

Oftentimes, your conditioner determines the finishing texture of your hair after showering. Investing in a high-quality hair conditioner can be crucial in preparing your hair for good styling.


The Iles Formula Conditioner  

As our jewel product, the Iles Formula Conditioner is formulated to quickly  close down cuticles  on the hair shaft and smoothen hair tangles and knots and transform damaged hair into silky smooth and sumptuous hair from the very first application.

Hair Serum

Applying a hair finishing serum is the final step needed to give your hair an impeccable lustre and finish. Choosing hair serums of good value like Iles Formula Serum 3 have an organic memory that adapts to what ever form you are asking the hair to take on. 


The Iles Formula Finishing Serum 

Infused with the scent of white flowers, the Iles Formula Finishing Serum uses a silicone-free and paraben-free formula to create lightweight protection on your hair against  heated tools, humidity, sunlight, and free radicals. With our professional standards, this product delivers a deluxe finish on your hair and makes your hair look healthy and lustrous.  

Blow dryer

Blow dryers that induce the emission of negative ions can dry your hair faster, and hence expose your hair to less heat and thus reduce frizz. Ceramic hair dryers produce inferred heat, drying your hair while simultaneously offering heat protection  


Image of  @marion.pascal supporter of  Iles Formula  haircare


A good comb will be able to evenly distribute haircare ingredients onto your scalp and hair, promoting the optimal absorption of any product. 


Images sourced from the Iles Formula Pinterest Board 

The Iles Formula Conditioner Distribution Comb ensures that your hair conditioner reaches the hair roots, helps you complete your hairstyle, and gives your hair a sumptuous texturized finish. 


The Iles Formula Conditioner Distribution Comb 

Items to save on: 

  • Hair gel or mousse 

Some of us cannot live without our styling gel and mousse. Nonetheless, you would be able to find drugstore hair gels or mousse that manage to hold your hair up and maintain your hairstyle. It might take some time to find a hair gel that works for your hair texture, but the most important thing is to remember to rinse it off every day with quality shampoo to keep the cleanliness of your scalp. 

  • Dry shampoo 

Normally, dry shampoos are meant to be used only on the oiliest part of your hair with small quantities and low frequencies, and therefore it makes sense to save a few bucks on this thread of products.  

  • Hair accessories 

This is really up to you. Depending on your budget, feel free to pick hair accessories that exude a sense of luxury, or save money and simply purchase cheaper ones that help pin up your hair and get the job done.  

Ultimately, it is down to your own discretion to decide which items to splurge on and which products to save on. What we can promise is that Iles Formula products incorporate top-quality ingredients that offer celebrity-level haircare, giving your hair a sumptuous and gorgeous look.  

Do not forget to tag us with @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula on your social media to let us know what you think of our products! 

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