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Hair Sun Protection. Whats best ?


I’m in Australia this month soaking up the sunshine and thinking it’s time to speak about sun protection for hair. Especially here as the sun is lethal! Since it’s winter in Europe and most of USA, this blog is for those having a break in the sunshine or from “down under”.

There is no better way to protect your hair from the sun than the Iles Formula Finishing Serum. Another option is to wear a hat.

This serum has UV filters that not only protect your hair but prevent color from fading as well. If applied before blow drying, it will also protect your hair from damage resulting from heated tools.

Sun Hair Protection -wendyiles-hairblog

If you can bear to wear a bathing cap, please do while swimming in the pool. Otherwise, coat your hair in the serum to protect your hair from the chlorine, especially blondes who tend to capture green tones from the pool water. The bonus with using Iles Formula Finishing Serum is that it can be used daily to protect from UV and humidity without ever weighing the hair down.

Summer Hair Protection,wendyiles-hairblog

Tuck in the ends of long hair. Here are some chignon ideas to use on wet or dry hair after you have applied the serum. Another bonus with this serum is that the hair will not stay greasy. It creates a UV filter and will look textured and wet until you comb or brush your hair through after it has dried. The texture will feel beautiful and your hair will be silky. Be careful not to get too much sand in the hair and you will find when you drop down your chignon at the end of the day and brush through the hair in the evening, that your hair looks and feels luscious, ready for a night on the town. If you prefer beach waved hair, don’t brush, just shake free the hair or comb through with a large tooth comb.








There you have it. The best sun protection money can buy. Come visit us on ilesformula.com. Check out the Iles Formula shampoo and conditioner too. They are benchmark hair products for care and repair.


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