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Iles Formula Hair Talk with Kim Lucas from Lucas Salon

This week Iles Formula are pleased to feature Kim Lucas from Lucas Salon in New Hampshire. To See more hair  creations of Kim check out the salons instagram @lucassalonnh

Iles Formula Hair Talk with Kim Lucas from Lucas Salon

IF: Tell us what you think is the biggest challenge in hairdressing today?

I think the biggest challenge in hairdressing today is the unreal expectations clients may have for their hair, based upon what they see on social media. This is especially true for blondes! It is our job to educate our clients to give them realistic expectations, and a practical game plan for achieving their hair goals.

IF: What’s the most enjoyable part of your job?

It is the most rewarding feeling to be able to positively impact the way someone feels about themselves!

Iles Formula Hair Talk with Kim Lucas from Lucas Salon

IF: Why did you choose the path of hairdressing and was it easy to fall into this work?

Hairdressing literally chose me! When I met my (now) husband, I was in college, and he was managing a salon. I began working at the front desk at the salon as a part-time job. I watched the stylists do hair all day, and decided that it would be more fun to do that. I went through an apprenticeship, got my license, and worked my way up! It was not something I had planned, or even knew that I would enjoy- but I became completely infatuated with everything hair related. It became my life and I love what I do!

Iles Formula Hair Talk with Kim Lucas from Lucas Salon - brown hair with highlight

IF: If you had not made the decision to be a hairdresser what would you have been?

I always wanted to be a horse trainer as a young girl. I went to college and graduated with a Hospitality Management degree- so if I didn’t fall into hair, I always saw myself running a restaurant of some kind, or opening a coffee shop.

IF: What is your greatest strength?

I would have to say one of my greatest strengths is empathy. This gives me the ability to put myself in the shoes of my clients, relate to them, and deliver the results they are looking for. This also plays an important role in the management side of my job. Being empathetic with our team, and being able to listen to what they want, and relate to them, allows me to be a better leader and create a positive work environment where we can all thrive!

Iles Formula Hair Talk with Kim Lucas from Lucas Salon - balayage

IF: Your favourite hairdressing tools?

My Dyson Hairdryer and YS Park long tail foiling comb!

IF: Tell us about your relationship with Iles Formula. How you discovered us and which formula is your favourite?

I got a sample of the Iles 3 step system at a class I went to. I tried it once I got home, and was instantly hooked! I knew it would be the perfect addition to our salon- and it was! (the entire first order sold out in 4 days!) My favorite formula is the finishing serum! I’m obsessed!


IF: What was the most challenging job you ever made?

I would have to say the most challenging role I have played is being a salon owner… although I am lucky to not be in it alone. My husband and I own our salon together, and we make a great team! From planning to executing, and constantly adapting to this ever-changing industry …living our dream- I am so grateful to have him!

IF: What was your worst hair moment and why…. privately or on set/stage or in the salon?

I would say my worst hair moment was when I was learning men’s cuts, and I buzzed my husbands whole head to a 000 when he wanted a #1. Lesson learned: always start longer, and work your way shorter 😉

IF: If you could style anyone’s hair, who would it be and why?

I don’t have anyone in particular, but I would choose Jennifer Lopez, because she is just iconic!

IF: Where do you pull hair inspiration from?

I pull inspiration from social media platforms, and the people and things I see on a daily basis.

IF: Your advice to young hairdressers starting out?

My advice to young hairdressers would be to be humble, work hard, and to always continue learning. Assist on your downtime- you can learn so much from watching other people!

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