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Hair Trends from Haute Couture Shows of 2021


Valentino Haute Couture 2021 Galleria Colonna, Rome

As the Haute Couture Shows 2021 come to an end, the Iles Formula team has made an edit for you on hair to inspire for the coming seasons within a pandemic.

Moreover, for any creative, dressmaker, makeup artist, or hairdresser, it’s helpful to know where the trends are heading, more than ever at this complicated time of change, when most of us can be lost or confused on the trend directions.

Here is our take from observing the couture shows. It is obvious that just about anything goes this year, 2021. Scroll down and inspire



Valentino 2021 Hair @guidopalau

Guido Palau never fails and delivered us all the hair directions we could dream of, sharp cool cuts with silky-soft textures, perfectly executed braids, and lengths of hair we can only dream about!


Valentino 2021 Hair @guidopalau


Valentino 2021 Hair Guido Palau

For those of you in the business of hair extensions, you are right on trend in the eyes of Maison Valentino. Hair went long to the waist and straight or simply cut one length short. The boys and girls were treated in a very similar manner—a boy had super long hair and girls had super short cuts, vice versa. Above all, hair was not overloaded, they were kept long and thin, appearing natural and the model’s own. This is key when applying extensions in 2021, thinning them out with a razor to create very light ends— like when you see naturally long hair on a child. It’s very flat, floaty, and airy. We agree with Palau’s method, make those extensions belong to the wearer. The more natural they appear, the more authentic they will look.



Giambattista Valli 2021 Hair Odile Gilbert

Hair took a period form of time passed by. We thought immediately of Marie Antoinette revisited. Odile Gilbert created a big volume, a feminine touch with satin bows, and the evidence of wigs involved. For instance, the build-up of the wigs kept its shape beautifully under the veils. Although, it may not be your everyday look, but this can be interpreted into a softer more modern look without the use of hairspray and fewer wigs. Satin bows were a good addition.



Fendi 2021 Hair Sam McKnight


Fendi 2021 Hair Sam McKnight

Sam Mcknight described this hair as rain-soaked hair bejeweled with Venetian glass accessories. Especially, the spirit of “Bloomsbury” caught in a thunderstorm in a garden.


hair-trends-from-haute-couture-shows-of-2021Chanel 2021


Chanel 2021

Chanel opted for simple low spun silk textured ponytails adding the odd hair wreath as a couture touch. Fort instance, the key here was the hair texture. In other words, keep the hair nurtured, silky and soft, The simplicity of the sleek tail and small head shape works well with the couture.



Dior Couture 2021 Hair Francesco Pegoretti


Dior, J’adore!

That exquisite shade of blue, that exquisite silky texture, and that exquisite headpiece spell couture with a capital C.

Hairdresser Francesco Pegoretti worked with the tarot symbol show theme, such as Le Soleil, L’Imperatrice, L’Etoile, and La Force which brought a baroque magnificence to the defile and the hair.

Moreover, our team, in particular, love this image. Have you noticed, couture hair accessories have been featured across all shows.

We hope you enjoyed our take on this year’s Haute Couture Shows, as you see just about anything goes for 2021 predictions.

Likewise, we are always happy to receive your feedback. Let us know your thoughts and what other topics you would like us to feature in the future.




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