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Haircut ideas: Classic Hairstyles that are Forever on Trend

Check these haircut ideas for Women and Men that will never go out of style

There are some classic hairstyles out there that have been capable of making it onto the roster of amazing beauty heavy-hitters which won’t be exiting anytime soon. Be it longer locks that you prefer or you wish for the shortcut, the below-mentioned classic hairstyles can offer you what you require without a second thought as they won’t go out of style ever.

The hairstyles come as well as go every season, however, there is a set of cuts that have proven of standing the test of time, and thereby they will be in style all the time.

woman hairstyles - woman short hairstyles - man hairstyles - Classic Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out of Style


These 8 famous haircuts are here to stay

Haircuts For Women


This hairstyle will always withstand trends and time. Bangs are the most convenient way of looking stylish and charming irrespective of your hair length or type, however, we cannot get enough blunt or thick bangs on long hair. Also, the curtain bangs, chin, and cheek bangs look glamorous and grab attention.

If you pair heavy bangs with the sweeping side-part, it gives the sexy softness. Make sure to mix some drops of the shine serum on your damp hair and blow dry 2-inch sections through the paddle brush. Not to forget, blunt bangs have also been quite famous among public figures for a long time.  Monica Vitti, Jane Birkin, Goldie Hawn,  and Cher made bangs famous.

Haircut ideas: Classic Hairstyles that are Forever on Trend | Screenshot 2021 08 04 at 18.40.26 e1628095332152

The Bob Cut

This hairstyle is an ideal one for those people who have thinner hair. The most classic one of all times, bob cut is decidedly chic and always elegant as well as is made popular by celebrities like Rihanna, Meagan Good, and Kim Kardashian West. It can be said proudly as one of the best hairstyles for black women.

Also, you can go for the choppy bob that comes with the deep side part which will produce the illusion of more volume, more than you have.

bob cut - Classic Hairstyles that are Forever on Trend


One of the major tips for styling hair in terms of the bob cut is that you need to maintain some upkeep in this case since you will have to get the hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks, however, you will always look pulled together and polished.



It is the layers that are most important here as well as preventing this look from dating. Center-parted, one-length strands look a bit the 90s, however adding distinctive lengths into the mix adds texture and volume to the style. Your go-to hairstyle? Layers.

There is a reason why they are the best trick to defined, flattering, and voluminous hair, as well as that, is because this hairstyle never fails to impress.

layers - Classic Hairstyles that are Forever on Trend

When it comes to tips for styling hairs, one of the major ones is casually sporting tousled layers that stunningly frame your face. From Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Jennifer Anniston, a layered, long hairstyle is one for those girls who are glamorous at heart.


Not only does it both accentuate and compliment the features, but the pixie cut is also the best low-maintenance look for those women who spend busy mornings.

Choose the pixie cut wig for pulling off this timeless hairstyle with sheer ease, if you are not courageous enough to make the chop.

pixie - Classic Hairstyles that are Forever on Trend

The tousled cut signifies a bit of sassiness and confidence for all those bold women out there. Its stacked volume offers life and energy to this super-short hairstyle. When it comes to timeless, elegant, and chic easy classic hairstyles, this haircut is the best one to opt for.

Who doesn’t love a woman that is not scared of kicking long locks to the curb for just the best pixie? Get ready to achieve the major Mia Farrow and Audrey Hepburn feel from the cut. If you go for side-swept, texture pixie, make sure to gently blow-dry with the flat brush for more shine.


Haircuts For Men

The Side Parting

The necessary thing is that corners on both sides are square for maintaining the more masculine shape. You can also adopt this as one of the easy classic hairstyles that can be sported with the help of a wig. Choose the right length of your wig and you are good to go.

Moreover, you also need additional length at the front but this also requires to be accurately measured by the hairstylist. If you grow the hair too long then this side part hairstyle won’t look clean or sit appropriately as it will only look like the dodgy comb-over.

side parting - men hairstyles - Classic Hairstyles that are Forever on Trend

This is one of those short hairstyles where you have to look out at that point in which your hair naturally wishes to separate as this will be distinctive for every guy, instead of trying to enforce the artificial line.


The Quiff

An important thing to keep in mind is that the quiff adds length and height to your face and that is why you do not desire to overdo it in case you have a long face shape already. Picking up the quiff refers to knowing about the blow dryer regularly. Furthermore, it is suggested to opt for the gutsy product such as the dry shampoo spray as well as then blow-drying it in, while lifting your hair with the brush or comb.

quiff - men hairstyles - Classic Hairstyles that are Forever on Trend

quiff - men hairstyles - suit - Classic Hairstyles that are Forever on Trend

One of the most famous short hairstyles, the quiff needs you to not forget to keep lifting as your hair cools so that it sets in place.


Slick Back

Famous in the 20s & 30s, this look is a no-nonsense, sharp cut that reveals your entire face while making a beard or moustache more important with every small facial expression.

Ask the hairstylist for tapering the sides through scissors as well as for leaving the top comparatively long (4-6 inches approximately). Even people with baldness issues get cheap human hair wigs of this hairstyle and get ready for any event without any hassle. They find this men’s hairstyle evergreen.

slick back - Classic Hairstyles that are Forever on Trend - black and white

slick back - Classic Hairstyles that are Forever on Trend

Meanwhile, hipsters can also go for the undercut that can be obtained with clippers, producing a powerful disconnect at temples. In case you have a powerful hairline and straight hair, the slick back can generate the air of mature grace.


The Buzz Cut

Those who are less lucky when it comes to the genetics department, or have birthmarks and bumps on the scalp, can smoothen their look by leaving a bit more length on the top as it is one of the best hairstyle ideas.

In case you wish an easy and functional hairstyle that does not scrimp on style, choose the perfect buzz cut. It is quite shortly cropped, which implies less hair to dry, style, and wash.

buzz cut - Classic Hairstyles that are Forever on Trend

The Buzz cut is excellent for low maintenance since hair growth will take a while. It works well on men who have a well proportioned or square face.



The above-mentioned hairstyles are time tested which have been worn by a lot of celebrities as well as ordinary people. They might get the contemporary twit for keeping up with the current trends, however, the actual look stays. Keep this style alive to rock the look in the most spectacular manner.


Author’s Bio: Harsh Nankani

Classic Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out of Style - Harsh Nankani

Harsh is a Digital Marketer at Activant Solutions. He mostly focuses on content marketing. He believes that the prospects of any business should get something without paying anything.

Apart from being a digital marketer, he likes to study business trends, technology, current affairs, and scrolling through social media. He is also involved in Philanthropic activities.

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