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Hairstyles to make your appearance younger .

Hairstyles to make your appearance younger

Women  from all walks of life can all agree on one thing: looking younger is a goal in any fashion or hairstyle decision. The tricky part is deciding on the right look that will not only fit your available time and budget, but will use your natural features to make a more youthful appearance. Consequently, hairstyles to make you look younger are very important.

Hairstyles to make you look younger

The following timeless tips can help you to makeover your look…

You can add softness to your natural features by putting layers in your hair. This will work to accent your features making them more visibly youthful. Jane Fonda does this beautifully.Her blow-dry has freedom and lightness accentuating the wisps and adding softness. Don’t use hairspray, keep the style fresh and alive.

Hairstyles to make you look younger

Try a side swept bang cut to give your long hair new life. The beauty of a side swept part is that while it is a quick solution it serves to make the face look younger and take years off your appearance, as Marion Cotillards Mother Nissema Theillaud does here.

Hairstyles to make you look younger

For those who have had longer hair for a long time, one of the best things you can do to shake things up is to get the Pixie cut. This modern look has become very popular in recent years and for good reason. It works wonders for any woman who wants to look younger, but be warned you need to wear this style with conviction. Having a fit trim body helps as well as having hairstyles to make you look younger.

Hairstyles to make you look younger

Why not go for the tried and true ‘bob’. This traditional cut works very well to accent your facial features, choose the length of the bob according to what suits best your facial structure. Your hairdresser can best advise on this.  The cut itself is sharp and always looks groomed, the overall one length of the bob adds weight to fine hair and great structure to thick hair. Look at how well the bob style adapts from a free day style to more glam for evening.

Hairstyles to make you look younger

I also believe long hair, if it’s healthy and well groomed, can be youthful on women of any age. Just keep it simple without too much fuss. Long hair has a lot of versatility but do keep it “easy” tying back in a pony tail, wrapping it up in a  chignon  or just letting it loose. The key is in keeping it healthy, groomed and real, not too done, not too coifed.

Hairstyles to make you look younger  Take Goldie Hawn and Jane Seymour, for example. Can you imagine for a second them without thier long  locks? They have stayed fidel to long hair all these years and wear it beautifully. In fact to cut their hair short would possible be very ageing to both women.

Hairstyles to make you look younger

Try these hairstyles to make you look younger. The right look can literally turn back the years.

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