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Halloween Hues and Textures

It’s Halloween time again. There is quite a buzz going on in the industry about what to wear to Halloween .

On my desk sits an invitation to one of New York’s biggest Halloween events , an event that will be full of the who’s who on the US TV media and fashion circuit. What stress ,what to wear when everyone is going to such extremes to look their haunting best!  I can only pretend  with my vivid imagination how I would dress, as my work has me stuck in Paris on this special date, too faraway to even anticipate catching a plane to arrive on time.

Here are some ideas I came up with , on how to interpret the Halloween festive look, but keep it looking fashionable .

Color is the easiest transformation, why not autumn tones as I’ve chosen here ? These work of course perfectly on blondes where wash out colors of orange, red and  ginger tones can be easily applied ,then rinse  away relatively easy.

If you are very serious about relooking  yourself , there is always  this version of the legendary  Vidal Sassoon  5 point bob, created in the late  70’s , or perhaps buy a  synthetic wig in a bright color and turn yourself quickly into a pumpkin fashion head ! Very creative and inexpensive to do.

Happy Halloween to you all.Halloween Hues and Textures | Halloween e1382793285439

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