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Haute Couture and Grammy Awards

It’s The Couture Week in Paris and The Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.  I’m wondering how many celebrities will be following the beauty trends of the Paris shows.

My observation is certainly understated hair, featuring tight slick backs with a graphic centre part  almost a bit gothic looking as for Valentino. 

Armani Privé  also did a small head  as a slick around  hair wrap. They featured head turbans and I presume the hairstyle was decided to accommodate these.

Versace was very polished sleek straight hair , whereas Dior and Vionnet went for an undone street look .

The most classic was Giambattista Valli hair which was with a chic volume off the face semi attached long hair .. even so all heads were small and understated in comparison to the couture.

I liked Bouchra Jarrar’s which was a thread from the 80’s with tight  sides and a worked volume on top. Jean Paul Gaultier also chose a small head shape opting for short pixie wigs.

It will be interesting to see if the elite of Los Angeles step out with small understated heads on Sunday. These are my choice of images from the Paris shows this week to inspire you all.

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