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Haute Couture Flashback

As its Couture week in Paris, I’m placing this image as my weekly #flashback

The most spectacular work I am around is without doubt  those sessions involving  Haute Couture . They are often so over the top and out of this world. Haute Couture  is a french phase for high fashion. Couture means dressmaking and needlework and haute means elegant or high so the two combined means excellent artistry. The made to measure exclusive clothes are virtually made by hand and fit to perfection for each client.

This masterpiece is Dior by John Galliano from  2005 .The photo was taken by Tyen.

For the hair I took inspiration from the clothes which had an oriental feel to them .When working with couture I often work simply with the hair  to keep the model looking fresh and modern, but there are occasions like this one where a detailed sculptured coiffure works.

Take a peek at the shoes, it was the beginning of the heel nightmare for models on catwalks, a far cry from Chanel’s Couture flats of this season.

This was an image chosen by publishers for  “Archive” a book about hair: www.wendyiles-hairbook.com

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