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Haute Performance for Hair… Haute Couture & Haute Cuisine.

What an exciting time we had at our Los Angeles launch of the Iles Formula!

I was able to witness first-hand the reactions of local beauty bloggers and editors to the instant transformation of their hair after a single treatment of the 3-step Iles Formula. As per usual, the results were immediate and worked on all hair types.

By now I should be accustomed to a woman’s reaction after she has felt my formula’s performance for herself. But, even after three years of working with numerous celebrities and models around the globe, it is still quite thrilling to watch women’s reactions to how their hair is transformed after just one treatment of Iles Formula. The excitement is certainly palpable and contagious.

My team offered the Iles Formula treatment and blow-dried the guests’ hair as I passed amongst them, answering their questions and speaking about my exclusive ingredients. These raw virgin ingredients are comprised of rare purified oils from Australia and Morocco, root juices and nut butter from the Amazon in Brazil, along with extracts of silk from Japan. Due to their exotic nature and origin, our formulas are therefore expensive and very complicated to create. Producing them can be compared to Haute Cuisine or Haute Couture; they contain exquisite ingredients that perform their very best through a very precise infusion of high technology.

 wendy iles LA Launch IlesFormula

Here is the evidence of before and after treatments of Iles Formula. No retouch, no extensions, no lies just Iles Formula. Our editors were photographed on their arrival and their departure after just one treatment of Iles Formula. Luster, suppleness, revived color, and our signature finish of a spun silk texture is very evident after just one treatment of Iles Formula. Please come visit us at ilesformula.com

Put our formulas to the test and send me photos at wendy@ilesformula.com! 

before after iles formula1

before/ after Iles Formula 2

before / after Iles formula 3

 before / after iles formula 4

before / after iles formula 5

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