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Holiday Hairstyles For All Ages & All Hair Types

Scroll on to discover our top hair ideas for  Holiday Hairstyles. Our founder Wendy Iles will instruct you through selected tutorial videos teaching a 3-minute accessorized chignon and how to prepare frizz-free naturally dried curls.


With Thanksgiving on our doorstep, it’s now the time to prepare ourselves by booking your salon appointment today. If it’s not retouching your hair color, it can be as simple as a fresh blow-dry the day before Thanksgiving.

Consider a nurture spa treatment for your hair, known in salons as the Iles Spa Treatment, featuring the Iles Formula Hair Mask. The most sumptuous hair and lustrous shine will be guaranteed. Discover where this can be done near you, by locking in your address to our salon locater or simply purchasing our Iles Formula Spa Pack and do your own at-home treatment. Everything you need is inside this luxury vegan leather pack, our award-winning shampoo + conditioner + mask + conditioning distribution comb. Do remember, for exquisite results, the mask is applied after the shampoo and followed by the conditioner.

Scroll to see what we call sumptuous nurtured hair, the kind of unforgettable hair, perfect for every occasion.

holiday-hair-ideas-for-everyoneHair by Iles Formula Ambassador Denis Perani


Images sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest Board


No matter if you are the host or the invited guest, holiday hair is a perfect time to accessorize your hair. Accessories add the festive touch and are extremely practical if you are the host, running about in the kitchen and worrying about everyone’s needs.

Simply attach a tight or loose ponytail – depending on your taste. Thread through one of our 100% silk, made-in-France twillies and braid it into the tail. Watch this video to see our founder Wendy Iles show you how to create this festive 3 minute “do”.



A half up half down is an excellent option too. We also love healthy hair, swept to one side with an array of different hair clips to keep the hair in place.


Add some tousled volume

Look for that forgotten hot roller set you once used to use, for this sensual volume look, hot rollers are the better option to hot curling wands. The key secret to this style is to blow-dry the Iles Formula Finishing Serum into every single section with a round brush. This not only protects the hair from the heated rollers but delivers a soft organic memory to the hair and unforgettable shine, even if your hair normally never shines! After completely drying hair, place the hot rollers, being sure there are no fish hook ends. Be sure each section is held high and wound to sit directly on its base, so you get the best root lift ever. Do not remove rollers until the hair is completely cold.


Image sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest page

Embrace your natural texture

Nothing is more refreshing for a family get-together than embracing what is naturally yours, however, to make the most of this occasion, be very sure your hair is nurtured and luscious.

For this nurtured curl we would always recommend the Iles Formula Curl Revive which is featured in our Iles Formula Curl Pack.

If you are unsure on how to actually work with your natural curl or wave, watch our founder Wendy Iles here show you on her own natural curls, the perfect no-fail step-by-step method.


Now if your curl is there but on the looser side, don’t hesitate to take a curling wand after using the above method and curl your own curl tighter. Do remember if doing this, to clip the curl until it’s cold.


Image sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest Board


We love these simple “french roll” up do’s, that are easy to achieve on long hair. Start with a fresh nurtured base. Apply the Iles Formula Finishing Serum all over before blow-drying the hair to get that unbeatable luster and no frizz control. Ideally, after blow-drying, add some large tong movement to the hair to give the ends a soft turn, this will make it easier to roll up. The Iles Formula Serum has full protection against heated tools and humidity.

Simply pull all hair to one side at back, then twist around 2 fingers until you have a roll, anchor ends under the roll then simply take U pins and position the roll in place. In the case of very long heavy hair, don’t hesitate to anchor it in place with a large hair accessory clip.

Avoid using hairspray, allow the hair to live naturally, it will keep the style effortless and modern.



To see more inspiration cross over to our Iles Formula Pinterest page, there are many many more holiday hair ideas to inspire you. Don’t forget to tag us #ilesformula & @ilesformula_hair on Instagram.

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season and do check out our Christmas Gift Ideas. Have you ever thought to offer sumptuous lustrous repaired hair for Christmas?  We believe you should… go ahead and take their breath away.


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