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How to Create Heidi Klum’s Up Do for the Holiday Season Festivities



Since this week is the beginning of the festive season, we wanted to feature this lovely fresh updo that Wendy created for Heidi Klum.

Follow Wendy’s Simple Steps:

The secret here is to not over coif the texture. Heidi always arrives each morning with freshly shampooed and conditioned Iles Formula locks. She is also a big supporter of Iles Formula and needless to say her hair is in impeccable health.

1. For this particular style, Wendy chose the Iles Formula Curl Revive Serum over the Iles Formula Finishing Serum. She sprayed to the mid-length and ends of hair  Curl Revive to wake up Heidi’s natural wave movement. Take a blow dryer with a fine nozzle and start blowing the hair against the roots all over, it creates a natural volume. The nozzle is important to direct a fine strip of wind directly to the root area which pushes the roots up creating volume and does not disturb or dry out too quickly the mid-lengths. Next was gently squeezing with the hand, the natural movement helping to remove the excess dampness. The last step was to shake the hair into position.

2. Take a medium-sized curling iron and pick up pieces haphazardly to redefine certain wave movements. Do this by winding towards the center-back. Then, Wendy curled Heidi’s bangs in the opposite direction to what she wanted in the final look. This provides spontaneity in the movement when the front bangs were flipped to the opposite side.

Also, note, up until this point Wendy still hasn’t used a brush – it’s all finger work!

3. In fact, the entire hairdo is done with fingers. No brush or comb comes into play, except for the crown where Wendy took a teasing comb to tease some rough volume into the crown area.

4. Next, mist the hair again with a fine spray of Iles Formula Curl Revive and pull hair straight back. Start winding in a roll around 2 fingers to center back in a French roll shape. Secure it in place with U pins and a large U pin down the funnel of the twist around the crown area. As a result, this will solidly keep the shape in place.


5. Finally, give the hair a dusting with wind from a blow dryer. Together, it will direct the bangs in the opposite direction to what they were set.

Additionally, Wendy never uses hair spray – she just lets the style live organically. Doing so delivers lots of poetry to the hair that floats about as Heidi walks. Wendy just loves the simpleness of this style with no fixed hairspray, just the Iles Formula Curl Revive Spray, some U pins, and her fingers to replace a comb.

It’s such an easy style to do. The beauty is to not overthink it, by doing this, you keep it fresh and spontaneous.


We hope you have enjoyed this little tip from Wendy. Indeed, a timeless style for all ages and looks as spectacular with a pair of jeans as with an evening dress.

To know more about our founder Wendy follow her Instagram @wendyiles_hair.Don’t forget to share your look with us on @ilesformula_hair. We can’t wait to see how you recreate this stylish look!

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