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How To Do Cheryl Cole’s Asymmetrical Hair Style

How To Do Cheryl Cole's Asymmetrical Hair Style | photo e1400484110390

Thanks to all of you Cheryl Cole’s fans for your loving comments on her hair style for  this weeks outing in Cannes.

Here is a “How to Do” for both Cheryl and Janine’s hair.

You don’t see on the photo  but  Cheryl’s style was asymetric with a corn weave to keep the side really tight and in place. And for the free side, I applied  L’Oréal studio line Volume Mousse  from roots to ends and then haphazardly blow dried the hair to get the maximum out of Cheryl’s natural curl.  I boosted the front section by adding a large roller moving the hair  in a backwards direction and then clipped it high on its base. I did 3 sections like this on the forehead to get a high wave in the hair. And I curled the rest with a 1 inch straightening iron ( my preferred are  the Harry Josh for USA only or GHD for worldwide) taking random vertical sections and winding it toward the center. The secret of curling with a straightening iron is in the wrist movement. You need to move the straightening iron down the hair as you turn your wrist, keep the movement smooth and don’t hesitate or you will get dents in the hair. I finished the look with Elnett  hair spray  just on the high front wave and left the rest to  naturally move.

For Janine, Cheryl’s friend, I used the same mousse L’Oreal studio line volume mousse (that I love as it does not go crunchy) and then blow dried the hair with a large round brush in vertical sections toward the center back. Once dried, I took a very large round barrel curling wand and wound again in vertical sections toward the back. I clipped the hair for 10 minutes then released it. I shook it out with my hands and combed through with a large toothed comb to keep the texture.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on this page, I will do my best to answer.

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