How To Get Cheryl’s Ethereal Hair Look From Cannes Film Festival


So many of you asked me How To Get Cheryl’s Ethereal Hair Look From Cannes Film Festival this week. I can see from all the likes and comments you all loved her ethereal look. Etherial or Doce Vita, it resembled a bit of both.

When working for such an event, the dress will dictate a lot of how the beauty team will follow through on thier looks. It was evident from the first glance that the hair should be a healthy effortless texture with waves. It was important Cheryl endorsed her red L’Oreal lipstick so I wanted the face clear of hair to let this happen very easily.  I created some tiny braids along the front sides that were softly picked up and drawn into a half tail that blended into her cascade of soft waves that fell from behind her shoulders to waist.


How To Get Cheryl's Ethereal Hair Look From Cannes Film Festival

How To Get Cheryl's Ethereal Hair Look From Cannes Film Festival


What You Will Need 

If your wondering How To Get Cheryl’s Ethereal Hair Look From Cannes Film Festival, here is what you will need to recreate the style.

Just in case you want Cheryl’s chocolate shade of color it’s number 500 L’Oreal Creme Gloss, you can not miss it, her face is the cover of the box!


How To Get Cheryl's Ethereal Hair Look From Cannes Film Festival


I started off by applying Iles Formula Finishing Serum everywhere throughout Cheryl’s hair to give that organic texture to the hair without it looking like it was weighed down with product. In fact I don’t touch a head of hair without this jem. It not only delivers memory to hold the curl but especially today it was important, as it’s red carpet and the silk within this product shines like an expensive jewel to the flash of cameras.  It’s a luxury shine, not too much that the shine looks greasy or cheap.

I use a Dyson dryer as its very fast…I just haphazardly tossed the hair about with the dryer trying to get as much as possible of Cheryl’s natural texture to come out.

Once dry I took a 1 ” GHD Straightening Iron as my curling aid, and used a technique I developed that gives a wave that resembles a natural wave.

1/ Section hair up and start at neck with 5 ” tall section.

2/ Take the iron in a verticale position and wind one turn near the root area toward the centre back Slip out iron and moving down the hair section  do the same about 2″ or 3″ away from  first turn,   Again slip iron out and then go again with same technique until you reach the ends.

*Keep the iron in vertical position always .

3/ Try to keep the ends natural with out rolling them to a curl, this is one of the keys to the curls looking natural keeping the ends looser.

Once this section is completed bring down next section again about 5″ tall, and keep working until the entire head is completed.

*Work right side toward the centre back and  left side toward centre-back, meeting in the middle .

*Don’t look in the mirror when doing it yourself or you won’t get the movement right, better to think it through than watch your way through it!

Around Cheryl’s hairline she has shorter layers that I just groomed over with  my Finishing Serum and the GHD Iron more or less just fine tuning the way they were falling naturally.

*I especially like this 1 “iron. It’s the older model of GHD and the sides are thinner so it makes better curling possible.

4/ Then to finish I created 2 or 3 very small braids through the sides,  and with my large tooth Iles comb gathered up the front section and tied with a band into a half messy tail, allowing the front layers to fall softly to frame the face.

*I used my large tooth comb to do this and not a brush as it would take away the organic texture I’d just given the hair ,whereas  the wide placed teeth of this comb will not disturb the movement.

5/ My last touch was redifining the waves with Iles Formula Finishing Serum as a texturizer . I pieced it on with my fingers  here and there through out the waves, to add one more dimension of texture.

So that’s it…. quite simple really. Just getting the technique down is harder than it appears, but I promise, once you do you won’t live without it.

Have fun with it and tag me in your results on instagram @wendyiles_hair and  @ilesformula_hair and #IlesFormula.

I can’t wait to see your creations!





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