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How To Get Freja’s Tom Ford Curls

How To Get Freja's Tom Ford Curls | wendyiles hairblog.com e1421338625393

I just love how #FrejaBeha’s hair looks on the latest #TomFord eyewear campaign. This is the perfect hair set for in between length hair like Freja below. It’s of course great if you have already some movement or wave in the hair as Freja does as it just stays fuller and more bouncy than if you are trying to execute this style on straight hair.

How To Get Freja's Tom Ford Curls | Screen Shot 2015 01 15 at 11.26.28 e1421339238779

Get this hair style in few easy steps :

1/ Allow hair to dry naturally or air dry into soft waves a bit like image left.

2/Choose a large barrel curling iron. Start with the fringe rolling hair forward over the tong just to accentuate volume at the roots. Allow hair to fall into place without clipping. Ideally the finished length of fringe should sit easily on the brow line.

3/ Take a large section on the crown and roll to the back allowing it to sit on its base. Clip into place. This adds a bit of volume on the back crown section.

4/ Taking large vertical sections start near face line rolling the section forward toward the face. Hold a few seconds then clip into place by rolling the same section around 2 fingers toward face and anchor until cold with a long section clip.  Repeat same procedure until reaching centre back on both sides. This would make up  4 or 5  long vertical sections each side from hairline to centre back. Once hair is cold drop the pins. If the hair looks too curly simply give it a blast of wind with hairdryer from the centre back towards the face on both sides. Be sure the length has not shrunk its important this length stays to prevent the style looking too round. Too round is not cool.

5/  Brush gently the hair into shape and fine tune with a large tooth comb. Don’t use hairspray. Let the style breathe and fall into place  naturally.

It’s that simple. Enjoy !

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