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Coachella Hair Inspiration & How-To

How to get the perfect Coachella hair look by Wendy Iles

Coachella Festival is finally upon us. Now that you have your crop top, shorts and sunnies, let’s talk hair. All you need to keep in mind is to always keep your look cool without fussing over your appearance too much. From the classic floral hair crown to this season’s biggest hair trend, braids, to the extra big or extra long hair and the wigs, you can find the look that suits you, don’t forget to add some fun by using hair accessories.

Here are several ideas for your Coachella hair and how to do them :

Corn roll it right through the center part. Such a small idea that brings so much attitude to your style. Don’t forget to apply Iles Formula finishing serum through mid lengths and ends to protect your hair against UV, color fade and humidity not to mention it will also help you acquire supple hair to make braiding easier. Take it with you and apply a small amount each morning for hair protection. It will never weigh the hair down.


All you need is a pot of gel for this forehead detail. Apply on damp hair on only small hair around the faceline. Finger wave a cool shape into them. Don’t place gel through rest of hair, only on hairline. Try the Iles Formula finishing serum with its UV protectors everywhere else so hair stays silky and not crunchy.


The half knot hair : section hair into 2 parts. The top part : pull through an elastic making a ponytail. Place a little backcombing into roots of tail then let the pony fall into the shape of a bun then twist the ends and start wrapping them around the band tightly forming the size of the bun you want. The beauty of this hairstyle is at the end of the day when you release this bun, you will have great volume and nice waves.  2 do’s in 1 !


Just a tiny braid can add so much Coachella attitude.


Keep some front sections free to frame the face, then braid 2 side sections and tie together at center back. Pin ends away to be able to start a new braid under where these braids join. Secure ends with small clear elastic. Take the free ends you have pinned away and twirl them around in a small chignon to cover the area where the 3 braids meet.


The wavy crop : has Taylor Swift ever looked better ? Air dry your bobs, girls ! Definitely don’t take the office to Coachella !


 Simply do 3 rows of corn rolls through top section securing ends into macarons.


The wavy hair with a center part : this is a true coachella hair, perfect for scarves, hats and garlands. Don’t forget to protect your hair with Iles Formula Finishing Serum. Apply before blow drying and using heated tools. Style will hold for days, just wake next morning and add a little more serum to wake up the wave. It was actually born for events like Coachella to protect hair day in day out, under the sun and wind !


The floral crowns, I just love them. I’d go to coachella just to wear one of these.


The classic boxer braids hairstyle is the trend of the season. It also looks great when you release the braids,  you get marvelous waves, so again 2 do’s in 1.


Here what you could get when you release and brush your boxer braids … stylish, isn’t it ?!


Add some cool hair accessories. You can even create your own piece by adding together all your old chains to make something original.


Here’s a cute idea with 2 styles in one. Leave it down or roll it up.


Crimped hair is so easy. Before you add the heat, apply your Iles Formula finishing serum to protect your hair.


Glitter the roots, what a great idea ! Keep it for the end of the week when your roots start to get dirty and greasy.


The colored hair, lots can be done with spray color rather than drastically coloring your hair. Be sure to protect your hair from color spray stain especially if you are blonde, you can use Iles Formula Finishing Serum. Put it on, blow dry the hair and then spray your colors.

For more on Coachella hair come visit my Journal

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